Direct Buy - Farmington, MIbad membership business!!!

This firm is a definite High Pressure, one chance only Sell for Direct Buy Shopping Discounts. Everything is secret, and they do not even let you look at pricing until you pay. (Although at other locations I have heard people are allowed to see pricing before they purchase.) What they offer makes sense, but in actuallity I tried to purchase furniture, appliances, and flooring through them. They usually could not get what I wanted and said they had comparable to purchase. I don't think it's a bargain if I'm not getting what I really wanted. Other times when they could get the items I wanted, the cost was much more than I could get it locally without shipping costs even being considered or the time inconvenience.

I had problems from day one and wanted out, and they ignored me and did not return calls. When I tried to address the problems in person I was given the run around, told they would get back to me, or totally ignored. This was a major loss to the tune of almost $5000!!! It was all I could do to bite my tongue one night and stop another couple from being talked into a loan to join TODAY or they could never join later. It was exactly the same reasons as we were presenting!!!

After 18 months someone finally did contact me to tell me they were going to try to work things out, but it has now been over 4 more months - nothing has been done - everything is someone elses fault - and they still do not return calls.

STAY AWAY FROM THIS FIRM in Farmington, Michigan. As I check into them, some of the offices are very good, open to questions, and have great customer service - the the Farmington, Michigan location is terrible!!!

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