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After watching the infomercial for Direct Buy on TV I decided to contact them to get more information. I was told on the phone that both my spouse and I must attend and no children are allowed. I was given a reservation# and an appointment to visit an "Open House" for our local Direct Buy in Wappingers Falls, NY.

When we arrived, we were pleasantly greeted by the receptionist and then intoduced to out tour guide. Upon entering the "Showroom" we were then engaged in idle chit chat by our guide about our kids, family, etc while being shown around.

Afterwards we were seated at a table and asked questions as to place of employment, job title, etc. and then given a binder containing approximately 10 issues of Direct Buys member magazine "Directions." After browsing through the binder I noticed that the prices were not any lower than what I would normally pay. However, I figured I'd stick around and see what else they have to offer.

We were than escorted (felt more like being herded) into a room with some other "couples." and given a 45 minute video presentation and speech by another Direct Buy employee again claiming how much we can save by becoming a member of Direct Buy.

At the conclusion we were told it would cost $4800.00 to join for 36 months and then another $190 per year for years 4-10. Well that pretty much would negate any possible savings we could have realized by joining.

They offer a payment plan and it is apparent that they would benefit by people signing up under this plan and paying a huge amount of interest on top of the $4800 fee.

They also charge an 8% fee on top of shipping charges and tax which also negates what anyone would save.

The real kicker here is you are told that you MUST make a decision and sign the contract prior to leaving or you will not be allowed to return. They give no time for anyone to think about the information presented and expect you to sign a contract without giving one the opportunity to have it reviewed and apparantly this contract once signed can't be cancelled for any reason!

If Direct Buy truly believed what they promise they would encourage people to come with a list of any high ticket items they plan on purchasing within the next year or so and allow a potential member time to shop for the best prices and then show one how much Direct Buy can save you. However, this is not the case and as soon as you decline to sign the contrat you are immediately escorted out of the building so that you can't interact with anyone either in the presentation or waiting for a presentation.

This is clearly a SCAM!

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