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Digitel / false advertising

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Digitel is advertising several plans for DSL ranging from 384Kbps to 1.5Mbps under the Bida program bunndled with a landline. After installation of a Bida 1232/832 Kbps line, it only tested an average of 431Kbps. The best I got was 450Kbps so it was close in every test in the mid 400 range or half of the advertised 832Kbps. I have placed several called to customer support and they say that they have checked the line and its just busy before 10pm and after 8am. I checked it after during non-busy times and my speed didn't change. The modem reports 512Kbps download speed as well. I ask customer support to change my plan to 512Kbps since that is closer to the speed I get and they said the office had to do it. I went into the office today and the customer support rep stated that "you will only get half of the speed on the flyer". I ask why do they advertise the rates falsely and to change my plan or give me the rate I signed up for. I don't know what my next step is besides a complaint to DTI or get a private laywer.

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  • Ro
      15th of Jun, 2008
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    I have the 512kbps plan and its not true that you'll only get half the speed they promised. I talked to customer service about speed and they had me run a dsl test using their server which you can find here
    Agent said that the tolerable speed should not drop by 85% so that gave me these results as of this writing.

    Mon, 16 Jun 2008 04:04:39 GMT
    1st lapse took 2419 ms = 54184 Bytes/sec = approx 451 kbits/sec
    2nd lapse took 2459 ms = 53303 Bytes/sec = approx 443 kbits/sec
    3rd lapse took 2446 ms = 53586 Bytes/sec = approx 446 kbits/sec
    4th lapse took 2442 ms = 53674 Bytes/sec = approx 447 kbits/sec

    Try it.!

    Taytay, Rizal Philippines.

  • Ra
      24th of Aug, 2008
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    I got a problem With Digitel I applied For A bundled Landline & Internet last August 3 2008 if im not Mistaken, I already Paid Then 1500 for The Installation Fee And 1 Month Advance Subscription fee. The next 2 days They install The cable to our house together with the phone. the technician told us to wait for them to call, so they can send some of their team to istall the modem. its been more than 3 weeks still my phone line & internet Still not activated. for the pass 3 weeks i never stop calling their hotline in manila & also here in dasmariñas cavite for followups im sick and tired of thier response and promises, can someone please help me on this!!

    dasmariñas, cavite.

  • Th
      26th of Aug, 2008
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    ako mag 4 weeks nang hindi makaconnect sa internet ano bayan DIGIHELL

  • Jc
      7th of Nov, 2008
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    sino kaya ang mali? ako? digitel? or yung agent na pinag aplayan ko?

    June 2008, bago ako nag apply (sa agent), nilinaw ko kung kung fix yung bida 999 ko, kung walang extra charges, sabi ng agent, magkaron lang ng extra charge kapag idd, ndd or cellphone, kaya siya na nag offer kung ipa deactivate na lang yun. then nag apply ako.

    July 2008 ako nakabitan. After 1 or 2 weeks nag call ako sa digitel to make sure kung unlimited call ba kahit sa ibang network dahil baka mag ka extra charged ako, then she told me magka extra charged lang kapag idd, cellphone.

    May tumawag sakin from digitel daw siya tungkol sa babayaran ko, tanong ko magkano, sabi Php 1, 099
    nagtanong ako bakit my sobra eh plan 999 lang ako, sabi sakin magtanong na lang daw ako sa hotline.

    Tumawag ako sa 2493282 regarding my billing statement dahil wala pa ko natatangap na bill. ang sabi Php 2, 199.60 ang balance ko for 2 months(september-nov.) Free kasi yung first 2 months ko dahil switcher ako. Ang sabi sakin kaya may extra charge dahil sa phone features automatic daw yun after 3 months my charge na 90 pesos? ang point ko hindi sinabi sakin. hindi ako aware.

    Sabi sakin tawag na lang daw ako sa 114 or 187

    Tumawag ako sa 187, ang sabi naman tumawag daw ako sa 1133.

    Tumawag ako sa 1133, at sinabi ko ang reklamo ko. ang ending ng usapan namin. sabi ng nakausap ko. Hindi raw ako magkakaron ng extra charged kung hindi ko yun inapply or ginusto.

    Eh hindi nga ako nag apply ng phone features na yun, at hindi ako aware tungkol sa bundle ng bida 999 &up regarding phone features(call waiting, call forwarding, etc.).

    Any comment on this? Pinipilit nila na dapat ko bayaran yung extra charged.

  • Ge
      8th of Nov, 2008
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    i have no tel and internet services since july and up to now nobody was sent to fix despite several visits to their office.. disgusting because they regulary billed me for undelivered service..just hope they pay attention to my grievance

  • Le
      17th of Nov, 2008
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    i am experiencing very slow uptreem downstreem is 384kpbs, but my upstreem is only 123kpbs. i already called up the customer service many times...they keep on saying that the problem is already forwarded to technical group..still no changes..i directly called up sto.tomas brance office to address my problem...according to them (384kpbs=downstreem, 123kbs=upstreem) is the the plan that i subscribed...but as far as know, downstreem and upstreem should be the same...they insist to me that downstreem and upstreem cannot be the same. is that really so?

  • Lu
      18th of Nov, 2008
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    Depende yan kung what type of DSL service ang inoffer ng Digitel. Kung ADSL yan (Asymmetric DSL), natural lang na mas mataas ang download speed kesa upload. I'm subscribed sa globe download ko ranges from 800-1000 kbps tapos upload 200-350 kbps lang. Ang ADSL kasi nakatutok lang sa mga residential users, since hindi naman natin kailangan ng mabilis na upload speed. Mas concerned tayo sa download speed. Sa ADSL, kayang umabot ng 4 mbps ang download speed ng isang connection. Plus, sa ADSL, kahit online tayo hindi napuputol ang service ng telepono. Kung SDSL naman (Symmetric DSL) pantay ang download saka upload speed. Pero ang pinakamabilis na kayang ioffer ng SDSL ay 1.5 mbps download and upload speeds. Kelangan ito ng mga businesses na madalas magsend ng files. Saka napuputol ang services ng telepono kapag ginagamit ang telepono. So far sa pagkakaalam ko halos lahat ng dsl services sa pilipinas ay ADSL.

  • Lu
      18th of Nov, 2008
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    "Saka napuputol ang services ng telepono kapag ginagamit ang INTERNET"

    sorry for that mistake hehehe

  • Gr
      6th of Dec, 2008
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    Signed up for Digitel Plan Bida 1232 with Bandwith of 832Kbps. I am a retired networking specialist so I always keep a check through my router to see what the company is doing to my speed settings. Every month they drop my speed lower, I call a friend at the company to complain, who chews them out over it, and they straighten it out for a couple of weeks then they set me right back to a lower speed again. I am tired of paying for 832Kbps and then finding out through my router they have changed the settings at the company to only 128Kbps and only 59 Kbps upload speed (dialup speed). I wonder how they would feel if they went to market to buy meat and paid for 832 kilo but were only getting 128 kilo of meat each purchase. I am not talking about speedtest results, but the subscriber settings set at the companies DSLAM and other servers regulating subscriber internet speed.

  • Li
      30th of Jan, 2009
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    First up, let's try and take things in a level way or something.

    The internet is volatile.

    Now with that out of the way... when you apply for any data plan, factor that instability into the equation, and go straight for the CIR (Committed Information-transfer Rate). According to DigitelOne CSR's, BIDA's CIR is around 70 to 80%.

    Then ask as to the coverage they bet their CIR on. The problem is, they can't answer. :(

    The main deal is, it's only around the CIR ratio if you're accessing local servers (PH). Otherwise, speeds plummet.

    But back then, when we were the only BIDA users on our coverage area, I can attest that the CIR's were attainable anytime, anyplace.

    Now, it's ###ing different. I'm back to using the old 'off-peak' style even if I'm on broadband. Lucky for me, I started accessing back from the early days of 300bps and handset-coupled analog modems.

    Or else, I might not just let out a few cuss words. :)


    Hey, Greyhawk, just in case, aren't you too far from their connection point? They might use that as counter-evidence against complaints. You can get all your facts right, you have the ability to. :)


    I can't even call the CSR hotlines on my phone. Never thought that toll-free lines depended on NDD to live, my phone having IDD, NDD and all that crap permanently disabled until further notice. :)

    Now, I pester my friend to call CSR for me. Lucky (?!) for him though, he also has the same problems I did. So no biggie. We call when we can. Haha.


    Now with BIDA gaining ground in Angeles City, Pampanga, maybe with the influx of funds, management could then heed their NE's requests of increasing their total bandwidth cap...


    I have a few questions for Digitel Employees or similar, reading this thread (if actually some kind soul actually knows where to read).

    When a person complains through the proper channels, do you get to forward them to the proper department?

    And you, proper department, do you listen? Do you care? Are you not afraid of grassroots-negative-PR and customer exodus? Can you even deliver?

    Or could you actually do anything if your management is ###? Hammering QA down to inscrupulous levels just to get things "out of the door"?

    If all of these questions have "NO" for an answer, then why offer anything then?


    Hey, Jc, you're talking about the C5 stuff right? Yeah, that's free for some time only, around up to 3 months I think, and if you don't complain or tell them promptly that you want it cut-off, you'll get served este charged. It's actually written somewhere on that contract paper.

    No offense dude, but maybe, you could have tried hammering their throats more. :)


    LichtSabel signing off, then proud BIDA 999 user. Now contemplating on putting a stilt on this thing, and kludging a load-balancer from scratch, linking GlobeLines, PLDT, SmartBro, and BIDA... or kicking everything out, and just settling for dial-up.

    At least, that was SOLID 50kbps, no matter which country's server you go to.

  • Ac
      6th of Feb, 2009
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    Sa mga nagrereklamo na mababa ang rates ninyo naiconvert nyo na ba yung rates? 8 bits = 1 byte eh kaya kunwari 384 kbps or kiloBITS per second and speed, and magiging download speed ay 48 kiloBYTES per second. Nagsubscribe din ako sa 384 kbps downstream pero 40 kilobytes per second lang todong download speed niya kahit madaling araw... False advertisement talaga.

  • Ju
      2nd of Apr, 2009
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    isa lang ang masasabi ko kalukuhan yung makikita natin sa speed test na sinasabi ng network na ito...d bali kugting tiis nalang balik nalang ulit ako ng SMART BRO...SMART BRO THA BEST PA RIN

  • Da
      30th of Apr, 2009
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    hay nako. ako kakapakabit ko lang ng digitel last month and super dismaya tlga ako! paputol putol ang internet tapos halos isang bwan kaming walang dialtone! tapos ngayon magpapadala sila ng bill?? ay nako di ko babayaran yun! nakakainis. kaya pala meron kontrata ang digitel na dapat 2 years, may bayad 3k pag di natapos 2 years. kase alam nila malulugi sila dahil panget connection nila! mauubusan sila customers. kaya tinatali nila sa leeg, na dapat tapusin 2 years na contract. haaay nako! basuraaaaa ang digitel! sana nag smartbro na lang ako, . mas matino pa dati ko internet nung smartbro pa. kainiiss!!

    Dafny of taytay, rizal

  • Da
      30th of Apr, 2009
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    bwisit na connection!!! super panget!!!

  • Vs
      28th of Jun, 2009
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    wag din SMART BRO pakabit niyo!!! bad trip ako dun. sa speed mejo ok lang. ang problema ko naman dun, pag nadelay yung pagbigay nila ng bill sa amin tapos late na din namin mababayaran, bigla na lang mampuputol yan ng connection ng walang pasabi. parang kasalanan pa namin na mabagal silang maningil.

    tsaka isa pang hassle jan sa SMART BRO na yan... nagla-lock siya sa isang IP address. kunyari nakakabit siya sa isang pc niyo tapos gusto niyong ilipat sa ibang pc, hindi na gagana yung internet. ganun din pag gusto niyo ilagay sa router. kahit tumawag kayo sa customer service ganun daw talaga ang SMART BRO. buti pa mag pldt na lang kayo, mabilis na wala pang problema.

  • He
      21st of Jul, 2009
    +1 Votes

    POOR INTERNET CONNECTION AND POOR ON TECHNICAL SERVICES..ang mabilis lang sa digitel ung pagtanggap ng complain, after that ung feedback nila it takes weeks..kung minalas aabutin ka ng ilang buwan..Dapat ung mga klaseng company na eto, pinapasara na..mga customer ng digitel nagsusunog ng pera, kaung may-ari ng digitel nagpaparami lang ng pera (very very bad services naman). kawawa naman po mga customer nyo. kahit sinabing nag-upgrade na sila, (la naman epek). tsk.tsk..TO THOSE WHOO WANT TO SUBSCRIBE IN DIGITEL SERVICES, I ADVICE YOU "NOT TO SUBSCRIBE" sasakit lng ulo nyo sa services na binibigay nla.(accdg. to my experience po yan).. take a look some of the examples na binibigay ng digitel. may plan is BIDA 1.5MBps...take a look on the result.. averaging around 500+ kbps download.(wala pa sa kalahati.) take note, only one computer is I take some screen shots. to prove kung ano tlgang services ang binibigay ng DIGIHELL, este digitel pla..

    the digitel's motto: " DIGITEL IS A BUSINESS kILLER"

  • Vr
      6th of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    you can email for your concerns... someone will get back to you asap and address all your concerns...

  • Sa
      28th of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    Grabe ang hazzle sa trabaho using your internet kc nadidisconnect at walang dial tone pati telephone pero di nababawasan ang billing kahit almost 1mos ng walang maayos na serbisyo.

  • Ch
      10th of Nov, 2009
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    hey, digitel when are we (customers) going to be satisfied with your services???????

  • Bu
      9th of Mar, 2010
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    @Rouge Carey

    malamang ganyan ang result sau eh kasi nga sila ang nagpapatakbo ng walang kwentang speedtest na yan! Try mo sa ibang speedtest website and they'll tell you the ugly truth!!

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