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I have been using digi for 10 years now. Have always avoided using mobile data ever since the bad experience of horrendous internet speed and unreasonable charges back in my hometown in sitiawan. 10 years later I am in seremban and am still using digi. Decided to give the mobile data another chance since the free internet I got from downloading mydigi app was pretty good. So, I subscribed for the 300mb mydigi app exclusive internet for 1 day. The quota remaining on the app screen went from 0 to 300mb and an sms came saying I have received 300mb internet so I went online to check on some urgent stuff. Lo and behold less than 30 seconds later, when I have just loaded a webpage two sms came within a span of 1 second saying that I have used rm2 and rm5 internet respectively. Great. 2 minutes later, another sms came saying 300mb internet had been activated. Another minute later an sms came saying I have reached rm8 internet usage and the rest is free for the day. What the hell... Within five minutes rm8 of my very limited credit flew out of the window. Hello, I know about the pay-as-you-use internet is for convenience but this does not apply to everyone. I don't need to spend rm8 per day on mobile data. Heck, I top up rm10 like once every two weeks, think i'm rich?? How is this convenient?? Digi mobile data has caused me inconvenience every single time I subscribed to its plans. There was this once where an sms from digi came saying something about my account has been credited with free internet and when I went to check it out (I just loaded the fb login page), it deducted rm4 from my account. Way to go. And this, shatters my trust on digi mobile data completely and needless to say I am not going to attempt it again. If it's not because my family uses digi (Mind you, they do not subscribe to the mobile data plans), I would have quit using digi a long time ago.

  • Updated by Very Annoyed Customer · May 12, 2017

    And yes, I am using the free internet from the rm8 usage to lodge this complaint.

May 12, 2017

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