Digi Telecommunications / service down on outgoing calls

balakong, MY

On 31st march 2017, I went to digi balakong center to change my pkg, that is from post paid rm30 to the new rm28 internet plus pre paid. I was also placed under supplementary line, which means the digi staff informed me that from 1st april (Next day) I will have the new pkg activated and it will be auto-reload with one billing in place. I went back to digi balakong on 1st apr since whenever I type *116# error message: your line has not been activated yet. With this problem, I can only receive calls, but I cant make any out-going calls.
The digi staff there doesnt know what is the problem, first they mention we will look at it on coming monday (Which would be 3rd apr) and I said I cant wait that long since I need to do business calls. I asked for their help and then they said it could be a system problem. They told me they will call me back on the same day (1st apr). I did not receive any calls from digi on follow up. I have called digi balakong 5-7 times on the same day, but no one entertain the call. That night around 8pm (1st apr), I connected to live chat and informed the problem. First they told me no credit, then they told me by tonight will get it activated, and as usual it did not.

Its going to be 3 days and I am still facing the same issue, why the system is not auto-reloading? And I cant make any out-going calls.

Digi needs to fix this problem asap and pay compensation for the days I cant use the service.

Pls adv

Apr 02, 2017

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