Digi Telecommunicationsprepaid change to postpaid

my plan digi prepaid change to digi infinite 150, im start subscribe 07/5/2017 until today not active yet. Full payment is done.
Call more then 3times customer servise, 3day after i make call, first time told me is one week working time, ok! I waiting, u work slowly, never mind.
After one week i make second call, told me saturday sunday is no working?! Ok, wait more 2day!
Until yesterday, i make call angain, give me complain kes, (CAS-2056725-L8T4)call me wait more 2day for them working!
May i ask how many worked for ur digi online store? Just is change plan, is it need more than 10day working day and is still loading?!
I feeling so bad .
If Cant solve for me, i will stop using digi anymore n tell my all friend.
give me reply on email.

May 16, 2017

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