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Melaka, Malaysia Review updated:

I've had this problem before where my Internet data reached 100% in less than 1 month. Even walked in to figure store as advised by call centre agent. My phone settings in place and I've used all possibilities on my device to avoid unnecessary data consumption. This was acknowledged by your store staff at the point of my visit. I switch off mobile data when I go to sleep. Logged out from FB many hours each day. Turned off background data more than half the total apps I have on my device. Turned off auto play video in FB. Zero movie streaming. Very little video streaming. Now the question I have been asking your call centre agents the past 2 weeks were "how could I possibly consume 7GB for FB alone, how did 5GB weekend data deplete in 2 weeks and how did 1gb data deplete within 2 days from 11-13 Aug?" In total..12gb data used up in less than 1 month when i did all things possible to be very careful to save as much data as i could with zero video and movie streaming. They all kept repeating "your charges and usage are valid!" No one addressed my questions including your manager Sri whom I spoke to on 18 Aug. Your agent Gaya sarcastically told me on 16 Aug "we cannot give you 5GB data everytime you call". Look here, I did not ask for free data..just address my queries and be polite. For the times I was given free data, I don't even be so greedy to watch any movies. I sometimes don't redeem free data given via the digi app when my plan is more than enough for me. I'm not hard up for free data. Worse still the device don't throttle now days when exceeding data and this is a marketing strategy Sri told me. Read an article in the Star today..U Mobile is giving unlimited plan for this is good marketing strategy.

Aug 19, 2017
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