Digi Telecommunicationsannoying altitude from sales representative

Hi digi,

This is written by one of your loyal customer who has been subscribed to digi since 2004 and before. I would like to submit a feedback on my recent visit experience (21 jan 2017, 2pm) to one of your authorized outlets located at aeon bukit indah, johor bahru.

I approached a sales specialist named as marcus behind the counter for checking my unexpected high charges of the phone bill. He, without providing any really helpful information or accurate data, gave us a really indifferent and intolerant attitude while providing the consulting service.

As I am using an old phone plan, according to him, he does not know any charges rate and insists that I have to check via digi helpline myself. I said that it is interesting that a digi sales representative have no idea how it works and he replied in an insulting tone "very interesting meh? (Meh: mocking)" after that, he did not even say any thank you when I have decided to leave the counter in frustration.

It might be worth for digi to conduct proper training to your sales representative as they are at the frontier to face your customers. It makes me start figuring whether I should change my subscription to other service providers due to this unpleasant issue.

This is really disappointing as I went down to your outlet, hoping that I can get some information but all I got was an unhappy experience. Please train your staff better in future to avoid any similar cases.

Thanks. Looking forward to your follow up.


Jan 22, 2017

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