Deutsche Bank Credit Card / harrasment and threatening by Collection Agent

This guy named ADIL KHAN from Deutsche Bank sent some nasty messages to my wife. She said that she is not in town and would be back at nigh only at 1030 pm. He said that he would meet at 1030 pm as he lives close by. The way he was speaking to her and the kind of SMS he sent to her she got so frightened that she infact thought of calling the police. I can share some of the SMS sent by him. The way this guy speaks is awful. I complained earlier also and a lot of people called and apologised and promised strict action against ADIL. I dont think anything like that has been done. I think these MNCs do not have respect for women as this is not a part of the western culture. They should know how to behave with Indian Women. Who would have been responsible in case out of the fear my wife would have taken a wrong step. It is indeed disgusting...Manish - [protected]

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