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[Resolved] Dental Works / bad service

5 United States Review updated:

DenatlWorks, 226 Crossroads Blvd., Cary, NC 27511 This chain claims to have lower prices on various dental treatments, which indeed it has. However, it seems they recommend deep cleaning to people who do not require it. I went there in April 2006, after a few years of not going to the dentist, and they told me that my teeth need deep cleaning (~$600). I thought that it might be true, considering my history, yet, in the back of my mind it seemed strange - I don't have any of the symptoms that THEY tell you require deep cleaning (advanced gingivitis - bad breath, bleeding gums, etc.). I told my friend about it, her sister is a dentist, and she told me
that the company her sister works for (in Florida) makes her recommend deep cleaning to everybody. It's a scam...

So I called DentalWorks and told them that I want to have a regular cleaning (about 10 times cheaper) instead. They told me they couldn't do that - they have to follow their recommendations, and that I will have to go somewhere else for a second opinion.
I did that, and my suspicion was confirmed - indeed I did not need deep cleaning. The hygienist was appalled by my story (saying they give bad name to her profession). So if DentalWorks recommends deep cleaning - get a second opinion.

  • Resolution statement

    Customer care service did everything in their power to resolve this complaint. All attempts to contact the complainant have failed. Therefore, this complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and it's services are concerned.

  • Dental Works Customer Care's Response, Aug 31, 2018

    Dear Matthew,
    If the dental office has not been able to resolve your billing concerns, please contact our Patient Quality Assurance Department by calling 866-892-9274.
    Thank you.

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  • Da
      13th of Dec, 2018
    Dental Works - Billing
    United States

    They billed me in advance of work not being done. Put on my care credit account because they did not want to submit small claims. Will never do this again, or go
    to Dental works. They just push to get more dollars from their customer, trying to
    have me in every 3 months. Work is not all that good. They can not work with their

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  • Ma
      20th of Aug, 2018
    DentalWorks - dental from dentalworks.
    North Carolina
    United States

    I owe $477. Not possible. My dental is thru Blue Cross/ Blue Shield of NC. Cleanings are free. What the [censored] is the deal?

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  • Tr
      4th of Apr, 2016

    Please do not go to the Dental Works of Wake Forest, NC. We are still dealing with billing issues from 2014 with our kids. We are being charged over and above what they originally quoted us as the price we'd have to pay after insurance...and they have no clue how to bill the insurance. The insurance co keeps throwing out their claims because Dental Works is using the wrong codes. Along with this, my son's fillings, that Dental Works said he needed and put on this teeth cracked. We had to pay our new dentist to repair their horrible work with his mouth. For two years now, I have been dealing with them once a month when they send bills from their office or collections. It's been a horrible nightmare that I wish on no one!

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  • Mo
      22nd of Apr, 2014

    Charlotte NC, Eastway drive Dentalworks. 02/03/14
    Overcharged for services I didn't need or asked for. Double charged for the same procedure. You have a feeling that you are in store where everybody try to sell you something.
    Bad experience, I paid up front 293 dollars for x-ray and deep cleaning plus what the insurance will paid, I was assured that is all what I will have to pay; Then the bill of 125 dollars came march 17/ 2014. I found a billing error of 59 Dollars. The rest wasn't even explained by the staff.
    Why I have to pay something I didn't agree about it. I have a crown and wisdom teeth to extract that I can't do because I don't know how much the bill is going to be.

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  • Ol
      16th of Jan, 2014

    burlington nc they tried to scam my secondary insurance and i reported them to tricare fraud department, yes they tried to scam the governement, , , i have also launched a complaint with the state insurance board

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  • So
      7th of Nov, 2013

    Scam company. Garbage business model. All win for the business owner, and no advantage for the dentists and patients. The company takes no risk, doesn't even pay their dentists a salary. All dentists are paid on commission, they have to operate just like used car salesmen. Pathetic company.

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  • Sp
      10th of Mar, 2012

    So far I have had a similar experience as well: Was pushed into deep cleaning and signing a Care Credit application. When I checked the numbers the same evening, I found a mistake on the credit application (sums did not match treatment plan) and voiced doubt--both in person and writing. When I found out that the treatment plan also mentioned the wrong type of crowns for my back teeth (second opinion), I cancelled all further services via certified letter (no response). Biggest problem (other than a bruised and totally swollen cheek from a cleaning!): Dentalworks is holding $2665 in my account and still have to reimburse that to Care Credit as I paid for rendered services myself. Reported them to BBB so far and local paper (jeers section). Am considering the State Board, American Dental Association, and a lawyer!

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  • De
      11th of Feb, 2012

    What a scam! Too many problems with them to list. DO NOT GO THERE! They scammed me for over $10, 000 (half of what they said I needed done on my treatment plan), and they will not get another penney of my money. I only wish I had never gone there or I had wised up a bit sooner. On my last visit I observed the dentist go from patient to patient and she never washed her hands. A dental assistant was allowed to fill my tooth after dentist drilled it out and left the room. Work was so poor I had to have it redone (front tooth). After root canal a week ago, I have constant pain in lower jaw, unable to open mouth enough to put food in it. Considering a lawyer if pain does not resolve soon.

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  • Ke
      17th of Jan, 2012

    These people are amazing. The same recommendation for the same work across dozens of patients makes no sense. My first visit was today and I got the same 'lesson' - the glitzy atmosphere and bubbly personalities are a front for what I'm learning is quite a racket. Tomorrow I'm getting my records and X-rays and going elsewhere. All 18 of my X-rays from today, no less.

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  • Ta
      11th of Aug, 2011

    I first went there knowing I needed a thorough cleaning as it had been 2 years since my last dental cleaning. Honestly, I was ready to just get dentures as I have had periodontal issues for many years but have worked hard to keep my original teeth with surgeries and bridge work.
    The dental assistant who initially took my x-rays stated that my bone loss was severe and saving my teeth would probably not be an option at this point. Okay, I was ready for that.
    However after the "financial" department saw that I have excellent dental insurance with a $5, 000.00 a year coverage I was talked into keeping my bridge (which is 20 years old) and extracting 2 upper teeth for a partial denture. By the way I was kept waiting for the Dr Lindsay for 45 minutes for her to talk to me in that chair.
    This didn't quite seem right as I knew I needed to replace that old bridge but Dr Lindsay said we would just keep that for now. Also I thought common sense would dictate cleaning my teeth thoroughly before any denture work should be done since that's how I've had it done before at other dental practices. This did not sit right with me and made me wonder if money was the priority over correct dental procedures. .
    I came back for the tech to make a mold for the partial and she told me my next appointment would be for an extraction and placement of the denture. Again I was kept waiting in that chair for 1 full hour for Dr Lindsay to see me, while listening to another patient yelling about being ripped off for her denture. That day I paid 179.50 which was half of the cost of the complete procedure and was told to pay the other half at my next appointment for the extraction. I should also add that the admin person made a series of appointments for me without my input and handed me a piece of paper and told me to reschedule if I needed.
    Well I did need to reschedule since the office is not open on Saturdays and I have a job which I cannot afford to lose so I rescheduled my appointment thinking it was for the extraction.
    At this point I still owed 179.50 but again this was for the completion of the extraction and input of the partial denture. I had to cancel this procedure twice. Apparently the office is so busy I had to wait until Aug. 10th for my next appointment. I came in on Aug, 10th expecting to do the extraction . The girl at the reception said this appointment was for a cleaning and not for an extraction. No one told me that! I paid the 179.50 I owed and was surprised I would have to pay an additional 107.00 for the cleaning. I was not prepared for that since I wasn't aware I was having a different procedure. I asked if I could pay half now and half next Friday and the girl said no. (With a rather snotty attitude I might add)
    I said then I would have to cancel and reschedule but I wanted to speak with the dentist about my treatment.

    At this point the hygienist, Candace, said very loudly and rudely to me "This is the 5th appointment you've canceled." I was at first embarrassed to be treated this way in front of the whole office and when I said it was NOT the 5th time I told her it was the 3rd time and attempted to explain why she ran over to the computer and came back saying it WAS the 5th time. I said I don't care what your computer says but it is the 3rd time and I had a good reason for it and I wanted to speak to someone about treatment before doing anything further..
    The other assistant who I dealt with on my very first visit attempted to help me by saying she would take me aside and explain everything to me which I was willing to do but the embarrassment of what the hygienist, Candace did and she was so combative and I was so mortified to be treated that way I just paid and left. After that I was so upset that I had to pull my car over because I couldn't see the road I was crying so hard. This is not how one should be feeling after leaving the dentist's office.
    First want to say that my insurance and I paid for a mold and partial denture.
    Since I will not be returning to your Dental Works or any other Dental Works, since reading all of the negative reviews, I either want that money refunded to both myself and my insurance or I want possession of that partial denture so I can take it to another dentist to be fitted. .
    A copy of this is being sent to the parent company of Dental Works DC Partners also Dental One partners and the American Dental association.
    The Cary office admin rep would not give me a direct email address for Dr. Lindsay.

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  • No
      3rd of Aug, 2011

    The last straw for me was a $200+ charge for a routine cleaning that was SUPPOSED to have been covered by my insurance. Also appalling is that they still use fluoride treatments, when so many dentists are beginning to raise concerns about its possible degenerative effects on teeth and bones. And after having to shell out thousands on fillings, crowns, cleanings, and X-rays, the staff kept trying to push me to buy a $120 toothbrush! Forget that highway robbery.

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  • Fi
      15th of Mar, 2011

    RUN...I have had alot of dental work over the past 40 years, don't have the best teeth but Dental Works is the worst Dentists, actually I have never written a review about a dentist. As a woman cosmetics are important and the bridge they made me the teeth were MUCH to short compared to the others, I mean VERY noticeable... the office manager has no tact, the front desk receptionists act like teens who have no idea about trying to keep bills and services low, I just cant believe a medical business is run this way from the phone system to the dentist I would be embarressed to run my business like this, you can NEVER get a live person to answer the phone which is scary and frustrating especially when you plan to pay so much money for a service that can potentially cause pain. I too am going to make a complaint to the American Dental Association, Bad work, horrible customer service. I wouldn't take my dog to get his teeth done there.

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  • Td
      18th of Feb, 2010

    Wish I would have done more research before making my appointment. Tried to scam me also by saying I needed a deep cleaning when I was just at the dentist 6mos. prior. Of course they don't tell you all this until you already have the x-rays and exam so they can bill you for that. I stormed out of there, bunch of con artists.

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  • Sm
      26th of Aug, 2009

    Many people have that same experience, I am sure.

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  • Ya
      23rd of Jun, 2009

    I agree
    I have similar experience with Wake Forest

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  • Gr
      8th of Jun, 2009

    WAKE FOREST, NC I recently moved here. I had a great family dentist in MD, for over 15 years. 9 months had passed since my last cleaning. Hesitantly, I called DentalWorks hoping to get a quick cleaning until I could find a preferred dentist. I had the opposite experience. They would not clean my teeth, told me I had moderate periodontal disease and that I needed a a deep cleaning with antiobiotic treatment. They made me feel that it was urgent and needed to be taken care of immediately, to avoid further damage and potential gum surgery. Then they presented the total cost estimate at $1585. My out of pocket expense was over $500 of this. The financial manager explained that they could not do a 'Prophylaxis', aka 'regular' cleaning on my teeth because I did not have healthy teeth or gums and that MOST people don't. Having always taken excellent care of my teeth, I was shocked and confused. I arranged a trip to visit my dentist in MD for a cleaning and to have my gums re-checked. The hygeinest was meticulous in checking my gums for disease and recession. I had NO gum 'pockets' and my gum recession chart was very much improved over the one that the hygenist took at DentalWorks! I did not have a need for ANY of the work that they told me, nor did I have any stage of periodontal disease. My hygenist provided a brochure that showed what gum 'pockets' and periodontal stages looked like, so I could compare when shopping for another dentist and to avoid another scam. Also, at DentalWorks I was told my teenage son had 6 cavitities, after further questioning, I was told he only had 2!? Hygenist took my kids back for cleanings and never asked me if they could do X-Rays or verify the work that they did. After receiving my EOG from the insurance, I found out they ordered several unnecessary x-rays. Such a scam!!! Don't use them, don't trust them.

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  • Mr
      30th of May, 2009

    I went to DentalWorks in Westland, MI. I was told I had periodontal disease and that I would require deep cleaning ($1200). Second opinion from reputable dentist said I do NOT have periodontal disease. DentalWorks also told me (like Brad, above) that they could not do a simple cleaning. My reputable dentist did a simple cleaning, no problem. I am filing complaints with the American Dental Association, Michigan and Detroit local branches, the BBB and DentalWorks. My reputable dentist said she would testify against DentalWorks. I urge you all to do the same so DentalWorks cannot scam anyone else.

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  • Tm
      23rd of May, 2009

    I agree! They charged my insurance knowing that the company would not pay for this certain type of x ray. Plus they are saying that I have to pay what my insurance doesn't pay but that isn't in accordance with the agreement they made with my insurance company. They also sell prescription products in the office instead of giving you prescription to fill at a pharmacy (which my insurance would cover most of the cost) but instead I paid full price for it. You really have to watch them they are into making money over giving you care.

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  • Ra
      14th of May, 2009

    bad customer service attitude regarding billing issues, especially the office manager. the estimate is usually wrong, so when you go ahead accept the service, insurance denial or over-covered will come.

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