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Dell Services Corporate Headquarters / dell does not honor its warranty - corporate hq doesn't care

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For Black Friday Dell has sent out a brochure claiming half price on its computers. Don't buy it, I mean this figuratively and literally. If a company is not respectable enough to honor its warranty, then you are essentially buying a computer without one. How much of a reduction in price does that carry, when there are so many fine other computers out there? My laptop had a myriad of things go wrong with it, in less than a year. DELL suddenly forgot what a warranty is. They sent mine back with the message and I quote "your laptop has been returned to you unrepaired." I recommend you don't buy from this company at all - not even at 70% off. In less than a year you could end up with a very expensive doorstop.

My whole experience is recounted below:

A Tom's Guide complaint about Dell in 2015 asked, "Is DELL's customer service as bad as they say?" I couldn't say for sure but I can tell you it's really bad right now. We're talking about a company that will do most anything to avoid making good on its warranty.

Senior management knows, they just choose to do nothing about it and they're sitting on my laptop. They've neither fixed nor returned it, (after a month it came back, no better for my effort). I know Management is fully aware because I wrote the President in Round Rock, TX, all the Executives whose addresses I could find), key members of the Board of Directors, the COO of DELL India and every DELL location. Everyone knows, nobody cares. You have to ask, is this a company you want to do business with?

54 emails. That's how many since September. Always, the same lame people offering the same lame communication that they had drilled into them during training. It could not be clearer: DELL is trying to duck its responsibility to repair under warranty. There was a brief attempt by its people to shift responsibility - "there's a spill on the keyboard, " I was told. No, I've understood the responsibility that needs to be exercised around electronics since I was five.

If there was a spill then it happened at their shop. After this response the best the team could do is to repeat itself endlessly without sense or reason though at least two or three employees promised they would take care of it and then didn't. At one point I questioned one of the employees promising repairs would be done to my satisfaction. When I asked him if he was sure he said, "Sir I am a man of my word." I never heard from him gain.

Generally, the corporate line was towed, in hope that the customer would get tired and go away. I know this technique. I teach it. Nissan (like virtually all Japanese companies) has been using the strategy since the late 80s early 90s.

Prior to a piece I wrote, I spoke to their Director of Communication in Smyrna, that's how I know. Of course, the difference between DELL and Nissan is that I've never been sorry I purchased something from Nissan.

I told all DELL's employees, if the laptop is not back in my hands, fixed to my satisfaction and at no cost: then I would launch a media campaign using web, social media and all the usual resources. HQ in Texas didn't care about this campaign either. I imagine they figure the money they'll save not honoring customer warranties should help offset the loss of sales my campaign my campaign might inadvertently cause.

DELL was once a good company, everything indicates it no longer is. The laptop was a problem as soon as I hit the power button - or are you going to claim 100% quality assurance. As a Professor of Communication, the campaign isn't going to be taxing.

I come into contact with hundreds, if not thousands of Professors worldwide through conferences. The academic community will want to know. What is happening with DELL and should universities rely on them as much as we have in the past?

DELL knows I'll continue the campaign until it takes root and I'll have a good technician have a look at my laptop so he can tell me what they did and did not do.

It's not a threat, that's not who I am and not in my nature. It's simply a communication plan as expressed in 55+ emails and over the course of months. Please don't call me.
Once, I had a problem with my Lenovo. Know what that company's team said? "In three days you'll get a box. Send it in, we'll take care of it." Overall, it took five days from when I sent it to when it was back on my doorstep. Good company, Lenovo. The difference in corporate practice is stark and perhaps all the consumer needs to know.

It took me a year of trying to get DELL to look at my laptop and in no time, they sent it back with an email that said it would be arriving "unrepaired".

I realize you have a choice of where you spend your electronics dollars, and anticipate you will be wise enough to select anything except a DELL. No matter what the discount, an expensive machine is near to worthless if, in effect, it has no warranty. There is a lot of good competition out there where it is possible you'll find superior quality. Also they carry warranties. Real ones, that provide real security and genuine peace of mind.

If you'd like to help spread the word, please feel free to post this complaint on all your social media and I would kindly ask that you suggest the same to your friends and ask they do the same.
Reason of review: Damaged or defective.
Monetary Loss: $1200.
Preferred solution: Full refund.
I liked: What the promotional literature said.
- Dr. Smith

Dec 3, 2017
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  • 9w
      3rd of Dec, 2017
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    you are correct dell can careless about anything but being paid
    there tech support? what a joke they are they know nothing but what there script says
    they has an obsession with accesing your oc ( to check to see if drivers are up todate ) wow some fix!!! like nobody doesn't do that on there own??
    might add some of there updates are almost 2 years old yeah
    beyond that thy know nothing, I have had a " depot" repair ( highly don't recommend) for a hard drive ( 5 minute job) they in texas put in a faulty hard drive that I couldnt even start my lap top ( had a supervisor who claimed prior that everything would be fixed laugh at me when I called and sai it would not start)
    there so called escaalations are a joke as well same excuses and non answers and thy hang up on you
    as does there corp office
    I had my warranty cancelled by the corp office because I dared expected them to fix an issue ( never did fix it)
    oh lets not forget many of there alledged techs who sat in silence ( sometimes blasting music) for 24 to 26 hours that's right 24 hours plus
    call and a supervisor gets told about it and get " why you wasting my time"
    dell was good at one point than they went private and not good at all

  • Sh
      3rd of Dec, 2017
    0 Votes

    Hi Mr Smith.

    Enjoyed reading your complaint.

    I've got a great deal of background in the industry and can hopefully provide you with some useful insights.

    The biggest mistake is assuming that when a product is under 'warranty, ' that whatever goes wrong with the merchandise is covered under said warranty; it is not.

    Unfortunately your complaint doesn't describe the details of what happened, rather it just complains about the manufacturer. As such, it leaves the reader unable to validate any claims.

  • St
      10th of Apr, 2018
    0 Votes

    I purchased a laptop and less than 2 months it wouldn't start. I sent it out for repair (why should a laptop less than 2 months old crap out?) When the laptop was returned to me it locked out with bitlock. I called tech support and spent 3 1/2 hours on the phone and low and behold the tech suddenly developed a hearing problem and HUNG UP!! I called customer service to complain and they said they were sending it to the escalation department and he proceeded to tell me that it wasn't the tech's fault. They were supposed to send a tech to my home by February 13 as I was going out of state for an extended period of time and guess what?, they never called or sent a tech. Then they (January in customer service) said they would send someone out to my destination. Well, the tech finally showed up (due to no fault of their own) he stated that they sent him the wrong part (mother board) and showed up with the correct mother board but Dell rep told the tech to bring the wrong part. The mother board was replaced when it was sent out. They were supposed to replace the hard drive which was supposed to be under warranty (stated by January). She said that I could only get a new laptop if the hardware was bad and the hardware was bad. The tech that was sent spent about an hour on the phone with tech support to get bitlock off the laptop and could not. He said it doesn't matter if you put a new hard drive in it still won't work because the laptop will ONLY recognize the one that was already removed. This issue like yours was referred to the "escalation department" and Mr. Chiranjeevi responded the same way at the minimum of 20+ times stating I could not get a new laptop because it was not warranteed even though I was told by January it was. EVERY email started with "I'm sorry for your frustration and inconvenience" which is a crock of bull. NONE of Dell reps are concerned WHAT-SO-EVER!! about anyone's frustration or inconvenience. I refuse to speak with them because you CAN'T understand a word they say as they speak with a thick Indian accident. I requested an American call me so I can understand and each time my request was ignored. If Dell cries "discrimination" against Indian's my point is if you can't understand them then it's a waste of time saying "I can't understand you" for 3 1/2 hours. Dell is supposed to be an American company yet their customer service is in the Philippines and the tech support and "escalation team" is again in India. I would NEVER purchase another Dell Product!! I have even gone as far as contacting Michael Dell via certified letter without any response. I also issued a complaint on the dell sight and NO ONE responded. I've issued a complaint with the BBB and that is an ongoing issue. I don't expect any dell representative to address any issue. It's on Deaf ears.

  • 9w
      10th of Apr, 2018
    0 Votes

    @Stephanie Lenihan having years of dealing with dell
    there in india these alledged techs who know nothing beyond there script
    we must have remote access they say, for what reason you ask? to check that the drivers are up todate ...uh like nobody does that and by the way many are 2015, minus the bios and few driver updates nothing recent
    beyond that they don't have any clue nor do they care
    supervisors and managers all the same just waste your time and hang up ( did I mention they sat on my phone for a record 26 hours often blaring music, according to a supervisor they were " troubleshooting uh.. sure)
    anyway the escallations are just as bad make excuses and do nothing
    waste of time as well
    as for the corporate office same case they will cancel your warranty
    as for contacting Michael dell ( he just passes it to another dept at corp. alledgedly above escalations ( consumer relations) who do nothing
    better business bureau is your only real option
    as for your warranty don't know if you bought an extended warranty or just got the basic ( limited)
    the repairs either way should be covered by the warranty
    and by the way a hard drive replacement ( 5 minute job) despite there claim about it not working or reconized ( only will recognize the original) is a lie
    as for the motherboard ( 20 minute job about) that will fix many issues

  • St
      10th of Apr, 2018
    0 Votes

    Thank you for your insight it is much appreciated. I have forwarded the complaint to the BBB Dell is under investigation through them as we speak. I sent Michael Dell as a means of a paper trail. I will continue to write him weekly letters until something is done either through Dell)which I hold no hopes for) or BBB. I only need to show I’ve made a “good faith” effort to get this resolved. I refuse to speak with them. It is absolutely UNREASONABLE to purchase a laptop with the expectation that it will last less than 2 months. They are sorely mistaken if they think I’m going to go away. Once again thank you so much for your response.

  • St
      10th of Apr, 2018
    0 Votes

    @Stephanie Lenihan I meant I think it’s important to show a good faith effort. I have no expectations that merely because I made a good faith effort they will respond appropriately or expeditiously. It’s just my policy to put everything in writing.

  • 9w
      10th of Apr, 2018
    0 Votes

    @Stephanie Lenihan have you gone through some of the complaints at the bbb site for dell?
    give you idea what they usually respond with
    just a summary but yes they are a waste of time to deal with the know nothing nor do they care unless of course you take them court ( seems to be the only thing they pay any attention to)
    as for the techs they should of done the repair than and there no hassle ( ussaully worldwide tech or another company did mine) generly they are good about doing things but dell is another matter seems you have to ( this is an epression not a threat or anything) beat the you know what out of them and than and only than will they do anything
    rather sad that dell has fallen so low ( when public they where better)
    oh one last resort for you I would contact silver lake I think it is ( look on dell site for partners) they have a ownership or investment of dell

  • St
      12th of Apr, 2018
    0 Votes

    @9wood Thank you for your comment. I complained on the Dell site and they never responded. This has been going on for 4 months. I contacted the BBB and issued a complaint and they are in the investigation mode. Dell responded with the same redundant comment, they won't issue a refund or replacement, they will only offer me to send it back for repair which the tech they sent to my home said it cannot be fixed. I wrote a letter to Michael Dell but has yet to hear from him. I WILL take your advise and contact the partners, I'm going to do just that.

  • 9w
      12th of Apr, 2018
    0 Votes

    @Stephanie Lenihan don't expect any response other than a scripted auto reply from dell from there site, nor much more if you talk to anyone there by phone
    you should be well within your 90 days warranty do they ( dell) are refusing to honor the warranty how surprising
    they will find any excuse to do nothing
    I had one ( anna) tell me she some how magically fixed the laptop ( within 2 minutes of talking) because she thought it was fixed, odd the laptop was off and not near me at time some magic strange how the issue never got fixed ( they actually canceled my warranty)
    as for bbb complaints they seem to follow there scripts and stick to not our problem excuses
    personally I would seek legal advice

  • St
      23rd of May, 2018
    0 Votes

    @9wood I am in the process of a BBB complaint it's a series of statements from Dell my rejecting their solution and it goes on and on. I am as we speak writing a complaint to the Federal Trade Commission. They refuse to honor their warranty and yes it was well within the warranty as it was less than 2 months old. I'm not the kind of person who will grow tired of letter writing and reporting. I am contacting a program called "Shame on you" which exposes company practices which are shady at the least.

  • 9w
      23rd of May, 2018
    0 Votes

    @Stephanie Lenihan very good never give up :)
    had a feeling that dell would do that seems that's all they do don't accept any responsibility and blame you the customer ( how dare we expect help!)
    hopefully the ftc will do something:)
    oh a thought here contact the texas attorney general ( on site there a contact page ( or search for how to contact texas attorney generl and or complaint )

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