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Purchased it in November 2017 (5 months ago) and last week the speakers quit then the Network Adapter Driver uninstalled itself. I called Tech and jumped thru all their hoops on the phone, all the tech succeeded in doing was causing the motherboard to crash. Sent it in and they called to say it needs a new motherboard and it would cost me $289 (I only paid $400 for it new).See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Round Rock, TX I told the tech I was insulted that they would think I was stupid enough to pay 3/4 of the purchase price to fix something that was not my fault and a mere 5 months after it was purchased. They then said the repair price would be $182. I advised I would call back and told them to hold it. Today I received a call from their Advanced Resolution Group and after I told him the story he said he would look into the matter and call me back in 24-48 hours. Phone Tech said he was located in the Phillipines; ARG rep is in India - where the heck is my laptop that I shipped to Texas? I want it repaired/replaced at no cost to me since the product was obviously defective/inferior parts to begin with.

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    9wood, thanks for your comments although I was fully aware of most of what you stated. Sending the laptop in for depot repair was a big mistake...HUGE! And the headaches continue. Today I received an email containing pictures of external damage that I know for a fact was NOT present when I shipped it so it either happened while FedEx Ground was transporting OR it occurred when it reached the depot. I can't even verify from the pictures that it's actually MY laptop. I have no intention of spending another cent on that POS and will pursue all avenues to get this resolved to my satisfaction. Could you elaborate a bit more on your statement that 'yes the warranty does cover this'? They keep insisting is doesn't - no surprise there.

    inspiron 15-3552
    inspiron 15-3552
  • Updated by cynd1231, May 02, 2018

    And if that doesn't just beat it all, I've just received another email informing me that Dell is returning my laptop - unrepaired! - and I should receive the shipment in 3-4 days!

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    Unrepaired piece of crap arrived yesterday and I was so angry that I fired off an email to Karen Quintos who is Dell's "Chief Customer Officer" (and former Chief Marketing Officer) detailing the entire episode. I suggested she and everyone else at Dell familiarize themselves with the company's Mission Statement, Vision Statement and Culture Code, particularly as they pertain to customer service. Then I made it clear that going forward I would stick with my proven HP products! I wrapped it up by stating I would be very vocal about my negative experience, disrespectful treatment and their greed, and was clear I would never spend another penny on a Dell product.

    This morning I received an email from the idiot I had been dealing with from India in which he says he had JUST attempted to reach me by phone and had left a voicemail, neither of which I find on my phone (and he implies that I'm a liar?) so I replied by email that I would be available tomorrow. I suspect somebody from CCO Karen's office got in touch with him (or Dell has heard from the BBB again) will be interesting to hear what kind of bull he tries to feed me this time! Not sure how long I will continue to haunt them but they haven't heard the last of me.

    This has been a frustrating, stressful, expensive lesson BUT it's a lesson learned -- stick with what you know! As I told the CCO in my email, I have THREE HP's (two laptops, 6 and 9 years old, a 4 yr old desktop) none of which have ever required servicing and/or parts replacement. On the bright side (if you an call It that) I pointed out to the CCO that the Inspiron is now back in my possession and Dell will not gain another cent off of it by repairing it and reselling as 'refurbished' or, as I understand they've been known to do, passing it off as 'new'.

Apr 26, 2018

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