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Dell Financial Services Line Of Credit / credit line application and tech service

1 CA, United States

I bought a computer, printer, the works for my sister more than a year ago. Last weekend, "sister" called Dell to get service on her computer... paid $50.00 to have it fixed thru internet access. She tried it out, still not fixed. call tech support back, they wanted $50.00 more. She didn't have it..they offered her a line of credit for $4, 000.00 using HER SS# and Name.. she applied for it. Tues morning I received a call (not my sister) to verify that I(not my sister) was trying to open a line of credit, I told them no.. they said that they will report it as fraud and deny the request. I said I wanted the contact information of the person who is trying to get credit under my name including their phone #. e-mail etc. so that I could report it through the police department. They REFUSED to give me that info saying that I would have to get a court order for them to release that information... I spent the next 5 hours calling credit reporting agencies. called Dell back... told them I had a right to know who was attempting to get credit under my name etc.. was transfered from one dept. to the next... having to explain over and over again... continuously told that "this" dept doesn't handle it or that I was not entitled to that information.. Then last night, my sister called and said she was having trouble with her computer and told me she was waiting to hear from Dell about HER new line of credit??? I told her what I just went through, she then forwarded to me the two e-mails sent to her from Dell that clearly show HER NAME, HER ADDRESS etc... however, my name was populated (old address, old phone #, old information from when I bought the computer for her, no longer valid) in certain areas too. Clearly, the technician used the purchase information to populate some of the fields and used her information to populate some of the OTHER fields.. my SS# was NO WHERE TO BE FOUND... needless to say, this was a huge mistake on the part of Dell... I called them today... another 3 plus hours... I complained about my entire day being wasted due to their mistake which could have easily been taken care of by Dell telling me who else was involved in the transaction... All of it was plain as day.. STILL now 2:40 PM Wed.. my sisters computer is still not fixed., HER request for a line of credit to get her computer fixed has been marked as fraud which it shouldn't be.. since she gave her info to obtain credit... we don't know what to do to get service. Thus far, I have spoken in the order I have spoken to them; Anny, Anise Rose, Amanda, Anise again, Aradia, Rakesh, Cathy, Jake, Alex - supervisor, Roz, Jack, Richard, Amanda again. May, Joel, Harry in Tech support who was trying to get me through to his supervisor and did, .. put me through to Greg who was clearly eating and talking at the same time... I told Greg, I can't understand you.. mumbling.. speak clearly.. which made him mad so he transfered me into the automated system without saying anything.. just chewing on his food... then Lageshwari.. who couldn't help me at all she said and proceeded to transfer me again... 8 plus hours in two days.. transfered more times than is imaginable, I'm so upset that I began swearing which didn't help.. what do we do?? I even threatened to contact the Better Bus B., to no avail.. I'm so stressed out right now... it is actually good medicine to sit here quiet and type out this complaint... Dell, your customer service it absolutely terrible.. I have bought two complete desk top computer systems from your company, printers, scanners, etc... NEVER AGAIN.. my sister still awaits help with the computer I bought her.. There is no excuse for treating me the way I have been treated. I am actually tired and plumb out of steam from trying to straighten out this situation. The only thing now to do is file complaints about Dell Financial and to everyone imaginable.. I warned you and you just kept transering me.. HOW RIDICULOUS!!

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