Dell / dell inspiron 22-3263 all-in-one

Hyde Park, Massachusetts, United States

Service Request: [protected]

I only had this computer for about 6 months and I have a defective Bluetooth. I decided not to send out my computer to repair the Bluetooth for the second time because I am not satisfied with the customer service provided. I already sent in the computer the first time at the end of July and now I am having the same issue.

As a PhD student, I cannot afford to send out my computer and I have to deal with the fact my Bluetooth is defective. In addition, I have spoken with 4 tech support advisors and not one of them showed any concern to my issue. The first tech support agent disconnected with me via phone and I sent him a message to call me back from the screen share. He never called back so I had to call in again. I was transferred three times. After several painful hours of the advisors all using the same technique to troubleshoot the issue, the last advisor set me up to mail in my computer for a second attempt to repair my Bluetooth. When I got to the last advisor, I told him the issue and requested about 4 times for him to read the previous notes of my case. He didnt care to listen to what I had to say.

I worked for Apple technical support for 2 years and I understand the importance of taking care of the customer. You should learn from Apple about how they work with customers. I would recommend to educate your staff on providing better customer service.

Please note, I will not purchase a Dell computer again due to the fact your technical support advisors have no proper communication skills, horrible listening skills, and customer service skills is just the worst.


Sep 21, 2017

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