DELLdell inspiron 15-352

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we purchased this hunk of junk from Wal-Mart online in april 2018. it is so slow, it's worse than my original windows 98 computer on dial-up internet. Dell sent us a box that we used to send it back for repairs. they had the computer for almost 2 weeks, replaced the whole motherboard and sent it back with someone else's power cord and it's worse than when we sent it in to begin with. now it it throws an intel driver set error code, and it pops like a firecracker intermittently. dell tech support gets online with us, fools around with it, says nothing is wrong. they sent us a new power cord, but it hasn't stopped the popping noise. they have refused to take it in for repairs or to replace it. we contacted Wal-Mart, but since we had it for more than 15 days, they won't help, it's Dell's problem. they did offer us a 15% discount if we wished to purchase a new laptop, but we can't afford that, so we're stuck. we have standard games on it that we can't play and it takes forever to even load a website. whast are we to do now?

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    Walmart is going to issue us a complete refund so we can purchase a new laptop, and it WON'T be another dell. I am through trying to get them to stand behind their product

Sep 28, 2018
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  • 9w
      Sep 28, 2018

    best bet is to file a complaint with the better business bureau
    hard drives are another common issue with dell ( my experience) so that could be also
    guess you sent it to texas for a "depot" repair
    what a joke that is
    as for the alledged techs they know nothing beyond there script
    they will always claim "no issue" excuse to get out of doing anything
    as for the popping sound not sure as I never had that issue before

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