Del Taco / jose vega manager at the del taco

Riverside, CA, United States

i went through the drive through today and didn't get a receipt and on my way back to work I realized that my order was wrong. I had to drive back and get down and simply as the manager if I could have my order remade. I had asked for no sour cream on my carne asada fries which I think it's reasonable and easily understandable how someone can confuse sour cream with secret sauce because they look identical especially in the picture on the menu. Anyways, Jose said he knows that I asked for no sour cream so he didn't put any but instead put secret sauce. I told him I understand but I've always thought it was sour cream because I've always order them that way and never had this issue so the girl taking my order should've told me that they don't come with sour cream but instead come with secret sauce so it wasn't my fault the order was wrong. He then yelled at me telling me that it wasn't their fault that it was mine and that I should look at the menu better next time. He then continued to argue with me over secret sauce and sour cream which I believe is insane! He then had someone start remaking my order and started being sarcastic with me asking one by one which ingredient was okay to add to my order. At that I point I just said you know what you're being so rude I don't even want the food anymore I just want my money back and he refused!!! He said he won't refund me because it's not his fault and has never refunded anyone and will not refund me. He said if I had an issue with it I can call the number on the receipt and I reminded him that I never even received one so he reprinted one and threw it in my bag!!! So I left the restaurant without any food and without my refund!

Jan 24, 2017

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