Defy / product freezer/fridge double door f640 metallic

Malmesbury Western Cape, ZA
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I previously complained about the fridge back panel that rusted terribly...Defy replaced the rusted panel with a material that could not rust...I was very glad for that and was very satisfied with defy service...

However the back panel does not make cold. At any setting(1-70 it seems it remains at 1(not cold)...none of the food in my fridge are getting cold...the fan blows cold too...I open the door and switch of the fridge light and it seems nothing is wrong with the is just when I feel the panel it is not cold...just one small section in the right corner is wet of coldness

Is there any assistance I can receive in this regard PLEASE..My milk curd, my butter becomes very soft and my fresh vegetable mould very quick...

Does this mean the fridge is broken and I have to purchase a new one? What will the cost be of repairing it? Please advice...

The freezer part of the fridge is from day one in a very good condition...

There is no water leakage from the fridge and the fridge is level...

Disgruntled customer
Natalie Christians


Nov 28, 2016

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