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Durban, South Africa
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In 2011 I bought a Deft Compact Stove, this stove is used 3 times a week at the most. recently I have noticed that the Stove makes funny noise when the oven is in use, it is then that I noticed the element is budging.

Today 2017/06/22 I made a call to The National Call centre and I spoke with Misha who informed me that I need to log a fault where a Technician will come and look at the stove at a charge of R450.00 and thereafter another charge for each 30 min. And she advised me to call the Durban office where I spoke to Caffin or Kevin who informed me that I should call the National office and log a faulty and also expect to pay for services that will be rendered.

I'm afraid that my house can go on fire as this stove is now a hazard to my family. I don't understand why I should be paying for the factory fault simple because the stove is not under warranty anymore.

I feel that I am being ripped off by Defy as they know that they are no longer manufacturing durable products. Obviously my stove would not last forever

Jun 22, 2017

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