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New Ref: 699354
Our fridge has been faulty since February 2017, a tech has been with us 3 times to try repair it, the 4th time the tech came out he advised us that the fridge will be replaced as they cannot fix it. The techs were very helpful but we phoned numerous times asking when the fridge will be replaced and no feedback has been given. We submitted a complaint through the Defy website and a Mr. Frans Campher advised us that our fridge will be replaced as soon as they receive stock, this was communicated on 09/04/2017 and no further feedback has been given. The fridge is no longer functioning as it should and we are scared that one day it will stop working completely. The fridge was bought 07/01/2016 and it is still under its warranty and we were told when we bought the fridge that if the fridge gives us any problems within 2 years it will be replaced. Any feedback regarding this matter will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

May 07, 2017

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