SUBMIT A COMPLAINT harassment/verbal abuse/ cyber stalking

I have been a victim of Tony Russo since the end of July 2010 when I decided to order a pair of eyeglasses with prescription lenses and some contact lenses. They invoiced me 300 and something dollars via email after I gave them my credit card but when I checked my credit card they have charged me close to 500 dollars. They claimed that the eyeglasses "Lafont" would take about two weeks because they are coming from France. I actually received the eyeglasses on the 2nd of August without prescription lenses and well, the contact lenses were no longer in stock- so he claimed. I called to resolve the problem but he was not willing to cooperate. He was mean, condescending and verbally sexually harassed me. He told me that he knew my home address and that he was going to go to my house and [censored] the [censored] out of me!! When I told him that I did not have to put up with this nonsense and that I would call the credit card company for a credit, he went nuts and threatened my life. I hung up the phone and he continued to call me over and over again. My fiance answered the phone and heard his crazyness. On the 23rd of September the phone calls began again- he was harassing me because the 60 days of the credit card dispute were going to be up and he wanted money back. He also pretended to never receive the eyeglasses that I promptly returned to him and threatened to take me to small claims court. Later than night he wrote me an email giving me an hour to call him back or else! Than at 10 pm he sent me a nasty email telling forwarding me a fake docket number and claim report from Apparently the docket number/file# belongs to another person who he is having issues with. So basically he forged my name onto court documents pretending that I needed to show up in court. He then left me a voicemail calling me ###ed and that he was going to drag me down the street of Brooklyn and into small claims court- he said I was going to love the smelly, sweaty place that I was going to be in for a long time. He then proceeded to send me another message with all my private information and a photo of the front of my home. This is when I freaked out and went to the police at 1am on the 28th of September. He doesn't realize that he has crossed the line and has become a stalker. According to the police this is considered aggravated harassment and he has crossed the line with electronic threats. On top of that I have saved a voicemail of him giving me his name and number while he is threatening me and severely cursing at me. I am in the process of getting an order of protection. This guy has threatened me by rape, knows my home address and has taken the time to search for my private information. I can't even write on forums such as this one because when I do he forwards me my letter and threatens me. His latest is "I am watching you." This is criminal behavior and something needs to be done!!! Please help. I ask that if you have any information about this business and he has threatened to hurt you physically and has verbally abused you that you write down as much information on these forums. We can't give up!!!

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