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"For anybody out there that's even thinking of purchasing from DX.COM, I cant emphasis this enough. STAY THE F AWAY FROM DX.COM!! They are calculating thieves of the highest order! My misfortune with DX.COM (which by the way should be a synonym for taking theft to new artistic levels) began on 10th October, when I placed an order for goods to the value of $243. You think those goods have arrived, hell no.! To begin with the key items in my order where apparently out of stock (do you think these items where listed as out of stock, no, they just let you purchase them anyways..) that was the first clue that I'm about to get ripped off. Only after following up post 14day silence, with nobody informing me that the items I purchased are out of stock, did I get a response/update stating that they out of stock, do I want to wait or. Being somebody that grants the privilege and benefit of doubt, I gave them 6 item list to perhaps replace the purchased items that where out of stock. And guess, what, they only had two of the six items in stock, so basically they list items on their website that they just don't [censored]ing have, at all, for you the unwitting consumer to purchase!!! Then as if that's not enough, I get a msg from them stating that my items have been shipped expect for the ones out of stock, Im also issued with a tracking number for Singpost, except the tracking number does not track anything. How do I know this? I know this because I sent a mail to Singpost requesting their confirmation of that they have received the items as when I enter the tracking number I get this message, "31-10-2012 INFORMATION RECEIVED (This is not an acknowledgment of the physical receipt of the stated Registered Article) . Singpost responded stating, " Please be advised that Singpost have just received an acknowledgement from the online merchant to deliver the article in Singapore. However, we have not received the article. For further information, contact the sender. " When I inquired with DX as to why the item has not been sent to Singpost for shipping to myself yet, they said, ohh, no, don't worry, it takes longer than a few days to have the item sent there, or something stupid to that effect. Since then I've searched the web, looking for complaints related to, and now this is a woper. Most of the complaints about DX.COM follow similar patterns. These patterns of deception that characterize DX.COM as an international thievery corporation, lets you think you purchasing actual items, takes your money, pretends that there is some delay in the shipment along the way, then there is the back and forthing which continues until frankly you just give up hope on some sought of favorable resolution! Quite frankly, this is why I will never, never, never purchase from China again. DX.COM sets a terrible precedent for ethical business standards not to mention incredibly bad customer service!!! Here's an idea DX.COM, why don't you people re-register yourselves as If none of you believe what I just said above, look for yourself here, Alternatively please see the below back-forth between myself and's terrible yet seemingly typical customer service. You'll get an idea of what you're in for if you decide to ignore warnings about them...

Good day, I'd like a status update on my order please as it has been 8days since last correspondence from yourselves. I would not to be concerned that I will not receive items from already paid for in full. More especially since I hope to order more from in future. Kindly let me know what the status of the order is please!

Dear Customer,
Sorry for keeping you waiting, we don't ship your order because items 149208 and 134007 are not in stock till now, would you mind waiting longer for the shipment? Or anything else you want us to do?

Good day,
Thanks for your response. I find it very very troubling that items 149208 and 13007 were not indicated as out of stock at time of purchase, else I would not have purchased them. Secondly, you say, "not in stock till now" does that mean that you have my purchased items now? How much longer would I have to wait for the shipment now? I must admit that I am very very disappointed and worried that I will never receive the purchased items from you. Please prove me wrong and deliver the purchased items promptly.

Dear Customer
We don't mean you should purchase the two items, we mean the two items are out of stock, the two items delayed the shipment for your order, the two items are waiting for supplier. We just asked you do you want to wait longer or we cancel the two items or we ship other items first for you?

Id want to know which one of these items do you actually have in stock:[protected]) [protected]) 1204356) 58595Based on which of the above items you have in stock, I'd want to cancel items 149208 and 13007 and replace with an order for the above items.Kindly let me know, which of the above 6 listed items you currently and actually have in stock...?

Dear Customer
We found only item is not shipped in your order.
From the items you listed above, we found items 134667 and 153957 are in stock.

Good day,
I received the following message below, but am not able to track the parcel (if it actually has been sent) with RQ150843877SG. Kindly advice as to how I can track the parcel that was supposedly sent, as its bee 4 days already, and Im not able to track the damn parcel. This very urgent as my frustration levels with dx is growing to boiling point now.!!!

We're glad to inform you that your order [protected] has just been fulfilled and shipped on [Saturday, 27 October 2012 12:29].It's now on the way to your destination.

The item(s) included in this package are listed as below, if what you have ordered are more than the one(s) displayed, please understand that they may have been shipped separtely.We will send you email notification(s) once the other package has been shipped:
You can click RQ150843877SG to track your package.

Dear Customer
The package RQ150843877SG was shipped on 27th Oct, the tracking number cannot be updated so fast, it is still being processed by post office, it is not updated now, please check it more days later.

As for the unshipped item 149208, do you want to wait longer or change other item or we cancel it?

It's been almost 14days since my package was apparently shipped. Still no freaking update! I have the feeling that you people ( are thieves and con artists... Where is my package.??? I contact Singpost and they do not have the item. Can you explain that? We both know that this what you people do, ripoff other people! Just to prove that you people are thieves, liars and con artists, I tell you want, do this exercise for me, refund my moneys for item 149208. I bet you now that you people won't do that now will you. Go ahead, refund my money for item 149208, there'll probably be some excuse as to why you can't refund my money, there'll be back and forthing, but ultimately you wont give me my money back or make sure that the items I purchased will arrive. Well come on then, prove me wrong.!!!
And stay tuned for more crap service from your most favorite international thievery corporation, the one and only DX.COM as I'll be posting their responses for all to see!
And DX.COM has responded...

To begin with, when you say, "Item 149208 is pending for it is temporarily sold out, you may check the status on our website."I'll be honest with you and tell you that response is BS because customers should be notified that the item is out of stock BEFORE YOU ALLOW THEM TO PURCHASE THE ITEM. Emphasis on BEFORE. You telling me after the fact that you have now marked the item as temporarily out of stock will not appease me or anybody else for that matter. With regards to the refund, we will have to play your peoples favorite game, which is wait and see, now wont we... Then you continue to say, "For the shipped package, the tracking shows 31-10-2012 INFORMATION RECEIVED, please relax. The tracking information is updated online by Singapore Post." I agree that the tracking shows 31-10-2012 information received, and you know what, that's all Singapore Post has received, bloody information and not my package. See Singapore Post email that states the below,

"Dear Ms. Landile,
Thank you for your email on 01 November 2012 regarding Registered Article, RQ150843877SG.

Please be advised that Singpost have just received an acknowledgement from the online merchant to deliver the article in Singapore. However, we have not received the article. For further information, contact the sender.

Should you have any further enquiries, please do not hesitate to call us at 1605 or reply to this email. I will be pleased to assist you.
Nithya (Ms.)
[Customer Care Officer
Customer Care & Excellence
Singapore Post Limited

And so from the above you can clearly, clearly see that they have confirmed that they have not, I bloody-well repeat, they have not received the article, in question. So please, do not patronize me and tell me that they have not scanned the item or its en-route or any other such BS. The whole point of providing tracking number, is so that people can TRACK their freaken items. So on that basis, let me ask you a simple question. WHERE ARE MY ITEMS?... Cause without the freaking tracking number that's supposed to be tracking the whereabouts of my purchase, how the hell am I supposed to know at which post office in my home country the items are at...?

When you say, "Please let us know if there is any chance we are able to serve you in the future" my response is, lets see if you people are able to do what your as an organization say you do... Cause I don't believe that you are capable of doing it at all. My extremely painful experience with DX.COM is standing proof of that.



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