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DealExtreme Complaints & Reviews

DealExtreme / misrepresentation (wrong product shipped)

Sep 12, 2019

DealExtremeOn 03/07/2019, I made an order for 15 pieces of "Garrett" handheld metal detectors as advertised on DealExtreme (DX) website and effect the purchase using my credit card. When I receive my order, I was disappointed to find out that the brand "Goint" was shipped to me instead of "Garrett"...

DealExtreme / phone paid and not received.

Sep 08, 2019

DealExtremeI bought an Ulefone Armor 6e through Deal Extreme official E-Shop website. I haven't had any news about the phone yet, and apparently they...

DealExtreme / xiaomi huami amazfit bip bit pace lite youth version smart watch w ip68 waterproof - black english edition

Jul 26, 2019

The aforementioned is in relation to the dishonest seller, who operates on the DealExtreme. I was a victim of fraud commited by Black Hk Warehouse from whom i purchased a smartwach. The item in fact was never delivered even though I have bought it over 2 months ago., .I have exchanged a... / venda internet

Jul 13, 2019

I made test purchases on this DX. Bad site, does not translate everything and gets mixed languages. Delivery time of 1 week on site and after purchase the seller comes with 2 months history. They delivered the products in front of the house and the other one in which the period of...

DealExtreme / smart watch wristband heart rate tracker fitness blood pressure monitor ip67 waterproof sport bracelet

Jun 25, 2019

When I got the item it was defective right from the start. When charging the bracelet it will start vibrating and never stop until battery is empty. But then, of course, it's useless to me. How can I use the bracelet with an empty battery. Also tried support - with no response at all. Very...

DealExtreme / not working mobile phone

Mar 15, 2019

Hello, I have order a mobile phone via I have received it in time and it was working properly for some days (maximum 1 week) and then, out of the blue the screen went black. I tried to restart the phone / hard reset, but in vein. It just did not start. I wrote to the seller...

DealExtreme / the seller will not my money back and dx do not give response

Feb 18, 2019

Order number: [protected] The seller is not interested in me, not interested and irresponsible. I tell you to get my money back, the dealer doesn't answer. Send the product I say the seller does not respond. But no more I don't want to. The seller is not honest. I want to be compensated...

DealExtreme / product not shipped 20 days ago no reply for msgs

Jan 24, 2019

Dealextreme scam website cheating public becareful dont buy anything Order Number: [protected] I bought mobile for 400$ on next day i purchased they asked me id proof i sent all and they confirmed payment then after 17 days ago they are not shipped item and main horrible thing...

DealExtreme / product not received and no refund no response

Dec 07, 2018

Deal Extreme Are big Fraud -- After order placement & Payment you never know when you will receive your material -- that too whether complete or Incomplete. After drastic chase ups - Dx people will give you numerous excuses -- Like their Staff was not available Or they are looking into it...

DealExtreme / straight-edge razor

Nov 14, 2018

Order no [protected] for SOUTH AFRICA I have ordered this razor inJuly 2018 and have not yet received my item. It is already 4 months and I am getting worried as my son needs the razor. I can't track it through the local Post Office as they say they don't deal with your tracking numbers. Could... / online purchase of a watch

Sep 03, 2018

Hi guys this website DX.COM is a fake website. I purchased a smart watch from this website in the month of August 2018 .I made the payment through credit card, at the of booking it deducted the fund directly without asking for any cvv no..more over next day i get a mail from asking to... / faulty handset

Aug 21, 2018

I received Ulephone Power 5 handset after waiting 15 days for delivery. Unfortunately the earpiece is faulty, I can't hear the caller at all. I tried to log on Dx website that itself was not easy. I have send an email to them after spending few hours working out how to report a faulty item, I am still awaiting for their customer service. Disgusting.

DealExtreme / paid for merchandise not supplied and also no money back

Jul 12, 2018

DANGER!! YOUR ACCOUNT CAN BE EASY HACKED AND DX IS NOT READY TO BE RESPONSIBLE!! HI GUYS!! Months ago purchased a multi meter and paid for it by PayPal. The order denied by DX and the money transferred to my account without informing me. By the time, some gentlemen from Ukraine broke into my... / can someone help me to close this company?

Jun 24, 2018

I order an item from this site on 25th May 2018, today its 25 June 2018. Till now have not received any item, customer rep replies item was sent without tracking number so they cant give any status and i need to wait 2-6weeks. what the hell going on in this site, 6weeks to deliver an item?...

Deal Extrem / fake company and stealing peoples money

Jun 18, 2018

Deal is fake website (I have given one star because I can't select o) as I booked a smart watch on 14-6-18 at 4-05pm ist through my friend's credit card it did not ask for any otp from bank etc payment deducted directly. Then on next day on 15-6-18 they send an e mail asking for credit card...

DealExtreme / umidigi phone died, then the real nightmare started, namely "support"

Apr 26, 2018

I was extremely happy with the phone, came as it should, used as it should for 7 months. Then one morning it died, wont charge etc. So I contacted the so called support of theirs, they responded and asked me to send video as proof. Fine, but I asked back what exactly they want me to film a... / late delivery

Jan 04, 2018

My order #[protected] of August 2017 hasn't been delivered, despite my numerous inquiries with you on email. Please advise on when l will receive my order because l urgently need it.I was once given a ticket number and it expired after 90 days without delivery. I then submitted a request for a...

DealExtreme / the worst service ever

Nov 13, 2017

Honestly, this website would be perfect, if they delivered items. How delivery service can be so terrible, just explain me, please. I am so tired of this mess. Ordered several expensive parts and never received them. Why? Because they were never shipped out. Why? Because they weren't available... / my order has been shipped on the 13th of october 2017. I have not yet received it.

Nov 09, 2017

Dear, We're glad to inform you that your order [protected] has just been fulfilled and shipped on [ Friday, 13 October 2017 03:12 ].It's now on the way to your destination. The item(s) included in this package are listed as below, if what you have ordered are more than the one... / pocket watch from numbers fell off after 1 week!

Nov 05, 2017

dx.comI bought a pocket watch, the number fell of the dial of the watch within one week. I tried to write a bad review about the watch, including photo and they refused to approve it. What a sham. The reviews are a sham. Here is the message I got from DX. "Your recent review title"Numbers fell off... / scammers. beware!

Oct 04, 2017

They are real scammers, people, stay away. I'm saying this because I was so terrified when they sent me an email asking me to take photos of both sides of my credit card. Before this, I ordered several items, but they canceled the order. Upon that, they started blackmailing me. Please, never... / kelima sq10 hd mini hidden 8-led ir night vision camera car dvr (sku:474590)

Sep 19, 2017

I've recently purchased a mini camera, which had turned out to be nothing like what was promised on the product page. After several days of testing, I wrote a very detailed review, which I posted with a combined rating of 1 star. I then received an email telling me that my review "has been... / order not delivered from last 2 months

Aug 22, 2017

Ordered a mobile worth around 930US$ on 24th june 2017 but still haven't received it after 2 months even though i have ordered through expedited delivery by paying extra amount of money. Everytime when i complaint to their customer center they only ask to just wait for few more days from...

DealExtreme / non received item after 60 days

Aug 19, 2017

DealExtremeOrder #: [protected] 21.06.2017 09:57:29 FullShipped All items have been shipped. 20.06.2017 06:32:57 Order Processing Order is being prepared for Shipment. 20.06.2017 06:32:40 GeneratingShipment Lock order for generating shipments 19.06.2017 17:07:12 Order Processing Order is being...

DealExtreme / scam company - did not receive my order

Jul 24, 2017

I made the unbelievable mistake of ordering my camera at DealExtreme instead of using any other trusted website. Reason: It said it would deliver within seven working days. It has been 2 months. I get little to no reply from the customer service, after I opened several unanswered complain...

DealExtreme / I did not receive my order

Jun 02, 2017

I made a purchase on the dealextreme of 4 items, totaling 41.83 $. The items never arrived (6 months of waiting). I opened a ticket and the dx suggested that I contact the postal service, however I do not have to demand from the postal company because who hired the service was the...

DealExtreme / my usb charging cable did not arrive

Apr 28, 2017

Do not take the risk and don't buy from DealeXtreme, it is not safe to buy from them! I have purchased USB charging cable from them in early March and haven't received anything yet. DealeXtreme support claimed that my order was shipped and promised to give me a tracking number, which wa...

Deal Extreme / this site is not to be trusted, they are real thieves!

Feb 28, 2017

I'm still waiting for my money and they don't seem to care!! I send back my order because it was damaged and Deal Extreme rep assured me I'll get a refund. Later they said that they were not able to refund me. I spent a lot of time dealing with these guys and they finally agreed to refund me...

DealExtreme / do not order from them!

May 14, 2016

I have ordered some parts from DealeXtreme and received the wrong order. They offered me a replacement but first I had to send everything back at my own expense. Absolutely ridiculous than I had to pay for their mistake! It cost me over $80 to send everything back. Just received the... / horrible company

May 06, 2016

Do not order anything, avoid it at all costs! I have placed an order over three months ago and received nothing yet. I already contacted Paypal and opened dispute. When I finally reached someone from DX they said that I have to pay for the return shipping in order to get a...

DealExtreme / this company is horrible!

Feb 26, 2016

I have ordered several things from DealeXtreme in the past and usually had proper service. I had some problems with my last order when some of the items arrived damaged. I immediately contacted customer service and tried to get a refund, but it seems like these people decided to keep my...

DealeExtreme / worst customer service ever!

Feb 04, 2016

I purchased some things from DealeXtreme and paid 30 euros in total. Several weeks later I received a message from them stating that my order was delivered. Since I received nothing I contacted customer service and was told that my order was delivered to the wrong address by mistake. How... / items have never arrived

Jan 14, 2016

This company has nothing but horrible service. I made an order and purchased 8 things from DX. It was back in November! Well, it is January now and I received only 3 items. Only later I discovered that DX sent me invalid tracking numbers for the rest 5 items. I contacted their customer... / goods not received after 2 months

Jan 06, 2016

An order (order number [protected]) for U$ 52 was submitted and paid for on 5 Nov 2015, and by 5 Jan 2016 nothing had arrived yet. Contacting customer support for a refund resulted in being given the runaround and stall tactics. What I want is plain and simple: a full refund. I will not accept the goods at this point (even if they were to arrive).

DealExtreme / worst deal ever

Dec 07, 2015

My friend used Deal Extreme for several year and had no problems with it. But I wasn't so lucky and had only trouble with them. I made three orders there. I was checking the status of my order every day and then a new message was added to one of my orders - "temporary out of stock". It...

DealExtreme / two defetice items and refusing to refund. order [protected]

Nov 02, 2015

Order [protected] - CUBE TALK9X Android 4.4 WCDMA 3G Phone MT8392 Octa-Core Tablet PC w/ 9.7", 2GB RAM, 16GB ROM This is horrible. I ordered two tablet s a few months ago. One arrived defective. It was replaced and the new one arrived dead. I have asked for a refund. Since then it has been...

DX Deal Extreme / untraceable shipment. my order no [protected]

Nov 01, 2015

DX Deal ExtremeHi, I gave an order to this company on 23rd of September, amounting 97.10$, where 30.30$ of this amount was for expedited shipment. At the very beginning the order no was as indicated above, with a tracking no: EA115692739CN. I have been informed that my parcel shipped on the 30th of... / do not succeed to get a working phone

Oct 28, 2015

"One year ago I ordered a Samsung Galaxy III on We got one after nearly two months (!!) and half a year later It blew up at night, when charging. Well, bugs happen and It's not DX problem, originally. We asked to solve our problem and were proposed to (1) fix It in our country and...

DealExtreme / ordered items and never received

Apr 27, 2015

i ordered an xbox 360 charger and battery packs from them on feb. 20th. i was told i would receive it on march 21. i never did so i contacted then via live chat. i cant call them being in hong kong. they said it was in amsterdam. they said wait 2 weeks. well i did, then i contacted them...

DealExtreme / long delay for refund

Mar 04, 2015

DealExtremeI purchased a D800 battery drive in October 2014. It was not delivered until early December, the company citing it had been returned due to a 'technical' customs problem, most likely just their BAD shipping. I sent the unopened package back on 5 Dec, 2014, and posted a photo and...