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The concept is great and I don't have a complaint about losing auctions, and spending bid money. That's how it works. You buy bids, you decide how many you will use to try to win. You have to watch an auction till it's down to a small number of bidders and jump in and out as you see big deal...Where the problem comes in for me is when you win, it takes FOREVER, IF EVER to get the items you have won. I'm the VP of a Large Service Company, and if we did business this way, we would be out of business with the attorney general on our butts. Which will probably be what happens here, if they don't get their customer service and shipping up to speed. I have been forced to issue 6 Paypal disputes and escalate 2 of those disputes to claims. I didn't want to do that, but you only have 45 days from the time you pay for something to get your money back if you don't receive the item, through paypal. I imagine I will have to go to my credit card company for another item or two that I paid for through them instead of paypal. They don't mess around, they ask for your copies of email where you tried to resolve an issue and if there isn't evidence that the other side made an attempt to fix a problem, they just give you back your money, and takes back monies they paid out to the vendor in question. I don't want to do that tho, because the items are worth far more than what I spent. But if you get no items?? What are ya suppose to do. I seriously have emailed anyone I could get an email address on at dealdash, but no one responds at all. When you call the phone number you find after searching and searching, it gives you a message that says email us! lol They did respond earlier in November when they owed me a ton of gift cards, saying they hired a new gift card company, and then also they hired 30 some customer service people etc. But it doesn't appear anything got any better so far. It's a sad story really, cos this company has the ability to be a really good one, but under their current management, or perhaps they just financially are over their heads I am not sure, which. Either way right now they seem to be kind of on the border of being down for the count. I am not going to invest any more money in them for the time being, I need to sit back and see if they are going to pull out of this, or if they are really going to go under cos I am not feeling confident about their ability to keep up with what they have going on. I even offered to assist them with getting their customer service team up to speed, but that email went unanswered too!

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  • Mu
      Dec 01, 2012

    The site itself is not terrible. It is kind of a scam in that they make so much money off each item being bid on, but it is not a scam in the sense that they tell you exactly how they are going to make that money up front. I bought about 250 bids and had pretty good luck. I lost my first couple auctions but as long as you are willing to buy the item at DealDash retail price, you can get your bids back so you can try to win something else. Well I did this a few times until I ended up saving about 50.00 overall when I won a gas card and a frying pan. I was pretty happy with my experience and now just had to sit back and wait for the items to arrive in the mail.

    ...Easier said than done. The frying pan I told you I won. I was checking on the status of that order two weeks ago and it had shipped and was expected delivery by 11/22. When I still hadn't received it by 11/24 I used the contact form to find out where my item was. I didn't heard back from DealDash about my order so I used the contact form again, this time about the frying pan and a copy of Black Ops 2 that is past it's expected arrival date. Now when I check on the status of the frying pan it says preparing shipment, expected by 12/12. It went from being shipped already, expected delivery by 11/22 to preparing shipment for 12/12. WTF? I really don't even expect a response because the customer service just seems to be awful. I had a heck of a time trying to get in touch with their customer service about a month ago when I was inquiring into details about Black Ops 2 (I wanted to know if winning the item or "buying it now" would constitute as a preorder for the game so it would come with bonus content) before I attempted to win it in an auction. I had to use the contact form twice, post on their Facebook page, and email them before I even got a response about that. Now that I can't get in touch with them about several items that I paid for that don't seem to be getting shipped, I am growing more concerned. I tried reaching out to them on Facebook again to find out where my items are. I guess that was a bad idea because my posts were deleted and now my profile is blocked from writing on their wall. Bottom line. STAY AWAY! I will be filing a dispute with PayPal shortly if DealDash doesn't get this taken care of.

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  • Tr
      Dec 19, 2012

    If you haven't filed a dispute with paypal you need today. You only have 45 days to file a dispute and that is what deal dash is doing. Dragging it out past your 45 days so you would get your money back. File dispute with paypal and escalate it onto paypal, don't wait to hear from deal dash on it. I talked today to paypal and they are going to look and see how many disputes they have against deal dash. And then look into the company. We are hoping paypal will not do business with deal dash after they see how many disputes they have. Hope this helps you.

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  • Ml
      Dec 22, 2012

    VISIT Help us mobilize against these Bad Faith practices! has terrible Customer support protocols, doesnt have items it is selling, over inflates item value and tries to negotiate worse deals when said item is out of stock.

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