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Whatever you do, do not waste your time here

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Dealdash.com has some serious issues, website was attacked, before the attack I had like 38 bids, then after they "fixed it" I had -54. Not sure how you get negative bids. Told them about it and then I had zero. I wrote to complain and was told that is what I am supposed to have!. Whatever don't waste your time there are much better sites out there, more professional, better programming and better run.
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N  12th of Apr, 2011 by    -2 Votes
**Disclosure-DealDash-Employee** Please let us know what your username is and we will correct this immediately. In attempt to keep auctions fair, we returned and adjusted bid count for many users. Unfortunately some where affected negatively like yourself. On behalf of DealDash please accept my apology and let me know what your username is so that we can fix this for you. - Bill
A  18th of Apr, 2011 by    -2 Votes
Hi there, I had was on the sight for the first time 3 weeks ago, bidding on a TV and had been there for 5 hours more or less, lets lean more toward the more. I had bought 160 dollars in bids and guess what they had a server attack during the last 3 sec how lame. I have ask for a refund but you know how that goes, several emails and next step it the Federal Trades Commissioner. I will say they have a great team working for them as far as bidding did you by any chance see who the bidders where on all the good items what a waist. I sure learned my lesson!
A  7th of Jun, 2011 by    +4 Votes
237 bids or $ 142.00. This is what a bidder named “k...” expend in $25 Gift Card + 20 Credits! DealDash store price: $37.00. This is insane! Pay out $142.00 to win $ 37.00!!
There was another player named "maxi...” (or bot?), who used 119 bids or $ 71.00 in the same auction.
I was monitoring various auctions and I notice that the same behavior in ALL them.
Coincidence? Ahhh! And you will find the same player (bot?) in several auctions.
Very suspicious! I now understand and agree with all complaints about Dealdash.
I'm getting myself out. BE AWARE!
D  28th of Jun, 2011 by    -3 Votes
I've been using Dealdash the past couple months. I didn't buy as many bids as above, but I can say 'I HAD SOME GREAT WINS!' Ihave been bidding on several other sites for some of the items I wanted and never had any luck. I paid $95.00 won a camara, a stick vaccuum, perfume, and best of all my Kitchenaid mixer. Plus, a couple gift cards. I did have to win some extra bids along the way, but, I have had a great time there! My items are here with me within 2 weeks. I am waiting for a vidio camara from another site going on 6 weeks! If they are bad, they weren't to me! It's ben great bidding there! P.S> SInce I just got my beautiful camara, it's going to take me some time to figure out how to download pics, otherwise I would show them.
A  21st of Jul, 2011 by    0 Votes
Deal Dash is a total scam! I have never seen such "issues" as they call them in my life. They do not address your complaints directly, they do not care about the time their customer base might waste as a result of one of about a third of their acutions that they deem to be "unfair" and simply refund all bids placed (supposedly) to the bidders with out any regard for the other issues that its customers have to deal with. SCAM!!!
A  2nd of Mar, 2012 by    +1 Votes
As the Dealdash employee said, they have returned bids from auctions that I have not been able to get my bids in BUT that does not make up for not being able to WIN the item. They also will NOT refund MONEY for unused bids if you want to quit if ANY of the bids were gotten any other way than paying the full 60 cents apiece!

A  9th of Sep, 2012 by    +2 Votes
DD really is a scam, for all the reasons above & my personal experiences - DON"T DO IT! Completely fulfills the maxim "if it looks too good to be true..." which is legal if not ethical. Unfortunately, some extremely shady & difficult to prove incidents lead many to believe it is not close to being "fair & honest" as it proclaims - and that is not legal. Until someone with a lot of time on their hands takes them to court, it will continue. Then close & pop up under another name, truly, buyer beware.
N  15th of Sep, 2012 by    +2 Votes
I noticed that I was bidding on a watch on Deal Dash. I am a new user and I thought the site looked like fun! This watch was deal dash's price of around $250, so I did some research online and found the same brand watch over and over for around $125. So that is trick #1. Trick #2 is, I was bidding on this watch for hours. I used up all of my credits just about, but I noticed that the same two people had been bidding on this watch "automatically"...I could just tell it was automatic by the style and timing of the bids. It was too predictable. The watch went up to over $20 and by that time I was done...I had waited forever trying to win the stupid thing and what do you know? Like within 2 min (or better say 30 seconds) after I quit bidding, one of those names won! What is suspicious is that I did try to bid one last time when it was on 2 seconds but it didn't take my bid...the other person took it anyway. Scam? Yes I think so.
A  23rd of Sep, 2012 by     Best Advice +4 Votes
A  8th of Oct, 2012 by    0 Votes
Deal Dash is a scam, totally. I logged a complaint today with them for my lost bid that lost me the auction. I bid all day on a camera, off and on using bidbuddy. I had to walk away from the computer often so the buddy would run out and since there were 4 bidder's on like clock work I decided to sit and bid myself. All day, at 2 seconds intervals I bid when I could, it took it then immediately a bot bit in the same sequence that was shown all day. My last bid was clicked (and it lit up) and never registered and the last bidder won. So I wasted over 100 bids and I am logging a complaint with my visa for my last purchase of bids if they aren't returned to my acct. Buyer BEWARE.
A  12th of Oct, 2012 by    +2 Votes
I've been watching this: Number of bids placed: 944 x .60 = $566.40. DD price of item: $299.00. Amazon.com price: $199.00. Winning bid: $72.09. You do the math
D  16th of Oct, 2012 by    -3 Votes
I have Won a lot of items from DealDash infact, I have had more luck there then any of my other favorites (quibids, beezid). A few things you may not realize is 1) I haven't seen the charge .60 cents a bid in a long time. I usually get mine for .15 cents, buy in large quantity . So in the example above 944 bids was $144.60
2) Lately ever other month or more often they have auctions and 1/2 and or even free. example - currently auctions are free with a charge of $1.00, so the closing price might say $260.54 but have a line thru it and say free next to that. (essentially only costing the bidder who won the cost of the bids they used + $1.00)
3) You can use buy it now and you get all your bids back. Exp - you bid on the Ipod, Ipad, or Macbook Pro ( these Items sell for the MSRP anywhere) use 2000 bids $300.00 worth at .15 each. Use Buy it Now because you actually want one of the item you bidding on, but it and get your item and the 2000 bids back.
A  17th of Oct, 2012 by    +1 Votes
I am new to dealdash. I have spent $60.00 and this was a waste of my money. I have been sitting here for 6 hours and I am out of bids, and the auction is still going. What I want to know is when does the auction end! This is stupid and a waste of time and money.. Never again. I will tell ppl to stay away from dealdash
A  20th of Oct, 2012 by    +4 Votes
You can actually get good deals here occasionally, but you have to have massive self control. Problem is bid buddy makes it so only the BIG spenders can win. For the big ticket items, you are going to have to spend a lot to win. Not only that, but DealDash advertises deceptively (particularly on social media) by saying that someone won something for $75.00 when they actually paid $75 PLUS the cost of bids and if you figure each bid cost $.20, then all the bidders combined have spent $1, 500 ($75.00 = 7, 500 bids) on that particular auction. Most auctions wind down to four main bidders, so the winner probably paid up to $300-$400 in bids, PLUS the $75.00 on the item. Pretty ugly! You'll notice that most of the people bidding for things are people who have joined within the last few weeks. Rarely do you see someone who has been bidding for more than 6 weeks unless it is for a big ticket item, so either everyone is new or old people come back and register as new so they can bid on "one-win-only" items. Perhaps it is both. If everyone is new, then you would guess that users quickly figure out that they will spend FAR MORE than they will win. So, DealDash is a great deal for DealDash, but not so much for bidders. :(
D  22nd of Oct, 2012 by    -3 Votes
The only problem people have with Deal Dash.com is not doing the proper research. I can tell you this. I have spent very little..and my family will have the BEST Christmas ever. And I am done Early. First rule, you have to spend money to win. You have to focus on what you will pay to win something at a HUGE discount. They can not trick you, if you do simple math. Why would you now research an item before spending a dime? I research EVERYTHING. I have found five items at an overshot price, but just like every site online. This is normal. Deal Dash makes it money off of people not doing the work behind spending their hard earned money. Just research and you can win pretty much whatever you want. You will also have to stay up for 28 hours at a time. But, when you can hand your daughter a 1.00 laptop, that retails at 579 off of this site and you spent 45. It will all make sense!
D  23rd of Oct, 2012 by    +1 Votes
This is illegal... Its like a raffle. Scam is .01 penny raise bids yet each bid is .60 cents behind the scene. 100 bids x .01 penny alone is $1.00 bidding and $600 to the website. Where is the
U.S. Attorney General on these scamming websites???
N  24th of Oct, 2012 by    +1 Votes
My favorite part is the site is for US only, but the place that processes your card (if not paypal) gets you a nice cross border fee with your bank. Meaning it isn't processed in the US... shady for sure! Once aware of this trying to get customer service what a joke waiting for days for a response through email. I like the phone number that they have listed is basically a screening voicemail.
I find it curious that they are not members of the BBB, perhaps these are the reasons!!!
A  27th of Oct, 2012 by    +1 Votes
it's absurd to spend money to win..period...especially when you can spend a lot of money then lose..if you're stupid enough to go that route then do the casinos in vegas. look at this at dealdash crap logically//it's nothing more than gambling at the tables..different but the same(stupid way to put it, but true none the less)--you're simply throwing money down on the table to play your bet, hoping to win bigger money than what you laid on the table..hell, ebay's a more likely win than dealdash on ANY given day or night.i read the rules of the game at dealdash and immediately knew what kind of scam it is.if you like to gamble your money and don't mind losing then fine..but i say stick with ebay or shop nomorerack.com or other sites that give you some real oppertunity to get good deals.try stupid.com there's actually quite a few sites out there that have such good inexpensive stuff, that just the idea of doing dealdash is kind of dumb.
A  3rd of Nov, 2012 by    0 Votes
A few days ago I decided to give Deal Dash a try. I paid $34 for the special ".17 a bid." However, here it is three days later and my account STILL states that I have 0 bids available! I have emailed Deal Dash asking where my bids are so I can actually bid on something and have had no response. I also contacted PayPal and told them what was happening and have requested a full refund. I am now of the belief that they have scammed me and stolen my money.
D  4th of Nov, 2012 by    0 Votes
LET ME EXPLAIN SOMETHING TO YOU PEOPLE WHO ARE NOT SMART ENOUGH TO GRASP HOW A PENNY AUCTION WORKS...It's not a scam. That is how they make money and are able to give us this stuff cheap. If you are a smart bidder you know to research first. Example: $100 Amazon Gift Card- look at the other auctions still going on with that same card and see how what the price has reached and then you know if a $100 gift card is normally being won for $42 then you know not to waste your bids before that, Penny auctions aren't to just help us out. They do make companies very rich, that is the point in a company. I have won several gift cards in the month that I have been doing this, but I also don't waste my bids or time on something that I know 800 other people want. People are so greedy. Start small and work your way up. Oh and the consistency in the 2 people bidding at the end are because they are paying attention...P.S. I have won almost $200 in gift cards already and I have only paid $68 for bids. so apperantly you other people don't know what your doing and in that case if you don't like penny auctions then stay off the site so that the rest of us don't have to deal with you.
N  28th of Feb, 2017 by    +2 Votes
@nener on Deal Dash people are not paying $42 on a $100 gift card they are paying way over $100.00

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