DealDash / Bids were not showing up in account

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I recently joined the DealDash penny auction site. I have had some bad experiences on other sites and DealDash came highly recommended. Shortly after joining DealDash I had a problem with purchased bids not showing up in my account or disappearing. After documenting my issues and when they occurred the folks at DealDash were able to find the problem and fix it quickly. They gave me my lost bids back and took responsibility for the problems I was experiencing. They were very fair and honest in handling my issue. They didn't try to hide behind the "it is a problem with your computer and browser" which is what I was told by other auction sites that I no longer participate with. Since the fix was implemented I have had no problems. I would suggest DealDash to others but remember to do your homework. When ever I have joined a penny auction site I observe the bidding habits and the system behavior before placing my first bid. Many people will try to game the system and win everything in site, all day and everyday. DealDash has limits to allow everyone to have a chance at the bigger items. All you can ask for is a fair and honesty chance to bid on items of your choice. I have tried and bid on 7 different auction sites and DealDash is the first one to take the time to help me solve my issues. The only time I heard from the other sites was when they wanted to sell me more bids.


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