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I ordered a 'free' trial and canceled but keep getting billed from several different places, actually it came out of my checking account. This is the worst ripoff I have ever had done to me. I had to call several places and seems I cannot even get my money back, I was taken for over $600.00 trying to get it stopped is a nightmare. Is there not something we can do to stop this SCAM?????

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  • Ho
      Jun 29, 2009

    Thank you, Lord!
    I posted on this sight first "honest hard working American" on May 26 when I ordered the trial sample from Dazzlewhite. Since then, many folks have taken the time to state their same experience. I personally called to cancel within minutes of filling out the online form. I was given a refund number, but the charges were still pending until I canceled my cc. I emailed [protected] many times, talked to many of their reps by phone, and chatted online with a rep. The same day I received my trial, I returned it certified mail, unopened, to : Dazzlewhite, PO Box 10233, Des Moines, IA. Nine days after they signed for the sample, I was charged on my NEW cc $58.76. I was really convinced I might have to close all accounts and change banks.
    I called my Bank of America cc dept and told my story. They mailed me forms to fill out, wanting every detail. I mailed them the same day I got them. This past weekend, much to my amazement, Dazzlewhite refunded my account. Glory!!! What a relief!! I've learned my lesson...I will not be scammed again. Thank all of you that admitted just for a second, you trusted too much. Good luck in getting out from under the grips of these scam artists!

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  • Jo
      Jul 11, 2009

    I ordered a trial sample of teeth whitening product from Dentech and cancel due to all there hidden fees. Now I keep getting more charges on my account. Beside the one place where they said it states the terms and the costs, which I did not see. I do remember a free gift offer which I refused. But I guess even if you refuse the gift they are still signing you up and after so many days if you do not cancel these other trials they to charge you a monthly rate. Look out for sign ups to AXIS WELLNESS PORTAL, Insider Secret and one more I can't recall all which have monthly fees.

    Dazzlewhite free sample is set up the same way. BEWARE of the fine print, if you can find it when signing up.

    I highly recommend that you do not sign up for any of these products. It is a big scam, they will not refund your account, you spend the trial period trying to get your money back to where you can't even try the product, and I also called Den Tech three times before one of the customer service agents could locate my account. They will not help you if they can not locate your account.

    Please do not buy from these scam artiest

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  • Su
      Jul 23, 2009

    Charged checking account, did not receive product

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  •   Jul 31, 2009

    Mark Adamson - Just think media - scammers

    BBB rating = F
    We strongly question the company’s reliability for reasons such as that they have failed to respond to complaints, their advertising is grossly misleading, they are not in compliance with the law’s licensing or registration requirements, their complaints contain especially serious allegations, or the company’s industry is known for its fraudulent business practices.

    Most complaints are regarding consumer order of a free trial sample of the product.
    In most cases, the free sample is never received and the consumer are charged $58.76 for monthly membership and monthly auto shipments which they did not realize they were signing up to.

    As well consumers seem unaware that they are also signing up to an Insider Secrets Tips package and the Comprehensive Weight Loss eBook package for just $3.24 and $7.14 a month when signing up to the free trial process.

    Name: Dazzle White
    Phone: [protected]
    Address: 240 11 Athabascan Ave
    Sherwood Park, AB T8A 6H2
    Principal: Jesse Willms, Owner
    Customer Contact: Jesse Willms, Owner (FAR RIGHT IN PICTURE)
    File Open Date: July 2009
    TOB Classification: Internet Shopping Services, Business Opportunity Cos., Dental Equipment & Supplies
    BBB Accreditation: This company is not a BBB Accredited business.
    Additional DBA Names: JDW Media LLC

    BBB has requested basic information from this company but has not received a response. As a result, BBB may not have current information about the company.

    The BBB fully encourages consumers with difficulties to use the BBB complaint recociliation process.

    But in addition to filing a complaint with the BBB, the BBB STRONGLY suggests that consumers with concerns about this business contact the following organizations:

    Service Alberta
    3rd Fl-10155 102 St North Field Services, Licensing
    Edmonton, AB T5J 4L4

    Phone: [protected]
    Toll Free (In Alberta): [protected]

    Complaints can be filed online. Competition Bureau
    50 Victoria St
    Hull, QC K1A 0C9

    Phone: [protected]
    Fax: [protected]

    Complaints can be filed on-line under the "Contact Us" section of the website and they can also be faxed or mailed in.

    The Internet Crime Department of the FBI.
    Complaints can be filed online

    Info on company location:
    2184 Channing Way #322
    Idaho Falls, ID 83404

    This location was found to be a PO Box at a UPS store.

    Advertising Review
    It should also be noted that the company's website has the following improperly linked seal images at the bottom of their website:

    Security Certified
    Fraud Protection Guaranteed
    Trust-e (
    McAfee Secure (
    VeriSign Secure (
    Additional Information
    This company is also linked to other companies:
    AcaiBurn, Credit Report America,, Earn Cash Fast with Google, eDirect Software, Just THINK Media, Government Funded Grants, Pure Cleanse Pro & Wu Yi Tea.

    There are separate reports on these companies available through
    This company offers the Acai Nutraburst product on a 14 day trial basis conditionally upon enrollment in their home delivery program. By submitting an order for the trial offer, respondents agree to pay the non-refundable shipping & handling charge of $4.95 for the free trial bottle. If you cancel before the end of your 14-day trial period, you will not be charged anything else. Your 14-day trial period begins when you place your order and inc…
    Complainants allege misleading advertising, unauthorized credit card charges, receipt of unwanted merchandise, and difficulty implementing cancellation procedures. Some complainants allege that they agreed to a trial offer only, and was not aware they were enrolled in a continuity program. Customers complain after repeated attempts to cancel, shipments are stopped, but the company continues billing them monthly. In some cases complainants allege that the company sold their information and credit card number to another affiliates who also charged their credit cards for products or services. The company responds to most complaints by agreeing to refunds for returned bottles, or canceling shipments. Many complaints are unresolved meaning the company failed to properly address the complaint allegations or their response was inadequate. Some complainants dispute that credits or refunds are actually received.
    Address: 5300 Ontario Mills Parkway Unit 400
    Ontario, CA 91764
    Tel: [protected]
    » See more photos on TrustLink
    Web Site:

    Contact: Mark Adamson – Contact

    Business Start Date: 1/19/2009

    Summary and Analysis of customer complaints and company responses:
    The following shows the number and responses to complaints over the last 36 months:
    25 Making a full refund, as the consumer requested
    5 Making a partial refund
    123 Agreeing to perform according to their contract
    177 Refusing to make an adjustment
    109 Refuse to adjust, relying on terms of agreement
    0 Unanswered
    0 Unassigned
    439 Total

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  • Wa
      Aug 07, 2009

    if you wanna cancell the scenario your in right now with DAZZLEWHITE...first look for their website and at the bottom of it you can find the and wait for the customer representative then request to cancell your subscription by getting the cancellation confirmation number then she will give you the address where to mail the product back and dont forget the ORDER NUMBER which will be given by her and write it on the package you are sending...i hope this helps and learn your lessons!!!like me..
    if you want to be sure if you want you can close your account after they reimbursed what they deducted...

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  • Ho
      Aug 07, 2009

    TO ADDIE M...I'm sorry that you are employed by a scamming, lying, cheating company. My advice to you is find an honest job and get away from these folks as fast as you can if you have a tiny bit of regret how this "company" is cheating honest, trusty people. How you and "want to help" above are so full of lies, it makes me sick. I DID EVERYTHING you suggested to cancel and receive my unauthorized charges from my account...talked to countless Dazzle reps by phone, chatted online with promises that never happened, sent emails and more emails, returned UNOPENED, CERTIFIED tube of your fantastic product within 14 days of placing my FREE trial order, CANCELED my credit card, contacted my bank immediately after I ordered the product that has to cheat to survive, and was still charged 3 WEEKS AFTER YOUR HONEST COMPANY SIGNED FOR MY RETURNED TUBE!!! Oh yes, I forgot to mention...I did get a cancellation confirmation number which was on the outside of my unopened tube that I gladly sent back. The only way I got DAZZLE out of my bank accounts was to file a major dispute with every detail, including copies of all the folks that took the time to file a complaint on this site. If taking the time to open this complaint section on May 26 stopped even one person from going thru the agony and time that I did, it was worth it. I pray that anyone connected with DAZZLE in standing in an unemployment line very soon for a LONG, LONG time. CROOKS!!! You'll get paid back one day. What comes around, goes around!

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  • Ch
      Sep 10, 2009

    I ordered a trial sample from after reading what I thought was a genuine advertisement from a satisfied customer. I paid £11.90 for postage and packing. The advertisement did not clearly state that I would become a Club Member for Dazzlewhite and for two other memberships. I have had money taken from by bank account for a membership, 3 months supply of a product I have still not received and memberships I did not even know I have. If I hadnt gone online to complain on Dazzlewhites chat window, I would not have known about the other 2 memberships. So far I have had at least £250.00 taken from my account by all 3 of these companies,, Ultifreshwell and a weightloss company. I am certainly going to my bank to put in a complaint. Dazzlewhite is a scam and they should not be allowed to advertise.

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  • Je
      Sep 10, 2009

    Unfortunately I was taken in by this scam too. I found the trial sign-up info through an article about one woman's way of trying to save some money. The article looked legitimate. I had not clicked on any ad links to find it and it was on CNN's site. Very sneaky! The article explained that if you use DazzleWhite and Vibrant Whitening one after the other, you could lighten your teeth better than just using one brand. She also provided the codes to lower the shipping and handling costs.

    Like a fool, I didn't read the extra fine print that stated I had to cancel within 15 days to not be charged. I was hit with an $88.97 charge and received more Vibrant Whitening applications. I contacted Vibrant via email at [protected] I received a response telling me that I would have received a refund if I had canceled within 15 days of receiving the trial. I did some digging and found out that I could get a refund if I was unsatisfied with the product. Here is what it says on the website:

    We have a 15-day satisfaction guarantee return policy on all shipments.
    If you are unsatisfied with our product, you may return the unused
    portion 15 days from the date that the product was originally shipped
    to you for a FULL refund according to the following terms. To obtain a
    FULL refund, your return must be postmarked 15 days from the date that
    the product was originally shipped to you. Please note, the following
    terms apply for all returned items:
    To return a product for an exchange or FULL refund you will need to
    obtain a Return Merchandize Authorization (RMA) number by contacting
    the billing department at [protected]

    I emailed this to them and they promptly sent me an RMA number and received a refund within 10 days of them receiving the unused products.

    I am glad that I was able to get my money back and I hope this information helps others.

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  • Je
      Sep 10, 2009

    I take back the comment about the terms and conditions are hard to find. I went back to the site and found them at the bottom of the page.

    I don't take back the comments about them being sneaky. I think they are horrible for making the article I found look legitimate.

    I do admit to being dumb about not reading the terms and conditions before ordering. I have definitely learned my lesson.

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  • Je
      Sep 10, 2009

    I accidentally posted this as a complaint about DazzleWhite. I meant to title it Vibrant Whitening instead. I got confused because I did post a similar one for DazzleWhite too.
    I take back what I said about the terms and conditions being hard to find. I returned to the site and found them at the bottom of the page. They are still despicable for making their ad look a legitimate article on a well known site. I'm guessing they created a fake site to look like I have definitely learned my lesson. Always read the terms and check the url before ordering anything.

    I also just discovered that I may have been charged for access to some kind of website when I ordered Vibrant Whitening. I am looking into this now. I found this in the current Terms and Conditions:

    Axis Wellness Portal Terms :
    The trial offer is designed to display the quality and effectiveness of the website. This gives you the opportunity to try this website for FREE so you can come to a decision for yourself if this is the right product for you.

    If you enjoy the website do nothing and 15 days from your free trial purchase date and every 30 days thereafter you will be billed $9.99.
    You are not obligated to purchase after you receive your free access to and you can cancel anytime within the 15 day cancellation period.
    To avoid being charged you must cancel before your 15 day trial period is over. You may cancel your membership to by calling [protected] seven days a week, 24 hours a day or emailing our support department at [protected]
    You will receive a response within 24 hours.

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  • No
      Sep 14, 2009


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  • Su
      Sep 18, 2009

    These adverts are misleading to say the least! How can they be taken off line? Free trial isn't, shipping charges not as stated on advert and credit card company are overwhelmed with complaints (UK). I'm normally very suspicious so am feeling very cross at self.

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  • Je
      Sep 21, 2009

    UPDATE: I returned my products and did not receive a refund (no surprise). I disputed the charges with my credit card company today. The credit card company called Dazzlewhite (aka Dazzlesmile) while I was on the line. The rep told me she would cancel and refund the amounts.
    All amounts were charged by different company names - Ezykit, elitepack and beutyclub.

    I didn't notice until we hung up that she said "We will not charge you $7.14 or $3.24 again." That tells me that they plan to charge different amounts instead.

    Since I used an unemployment debit card, I was able to remove all the money from it today and even if they try to charge me again, I was assured by Chase that it will not go through.

    What a mess I have made! Argh! I am kicking myself for not looking into this offer before buying it. I've learned my lesson, but it doesn't make this company any less despicable!

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  • Ni
      Oct 05, 2009

    I cancelled my card, reported the company as fraud and the case has been forwarded to the UK Serious Fraud Dept of the government.

    From my conversations with them, they have a huge file on this company and the other names it is linked with such as Dazzlebright etc.

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  • Zi
      Oct 06, 2009

    After EVERY complaint, Dazzle posts a pathetic form letter of apology denying all the complaints. Unfortunately, they are picking up on the ways and methods we victims are making attempts to stop them. Keep up the complaints, file with the FTC, close down your CC accounts, change your checking account numbers. All of this is inconvenient but together we can put these guys behind bars. JUST DO IT! Come on, People. ALL FOR ONE, ONE FOR ALL.

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  • Zi
      Oct 06, 2009

    RE: Dazzle employees posting "form" apology letter. Nolan himself, has posted 115 to date!
    'way to go, "Nolan", Shame on YOU!

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  • He
      Oct 07, 2009

    Stop!!! don't get cuaght in this scam. Just like the lady for South Carolina, I too, experienced the excessive charges. Not only that...I continue to get chared membership fees from several associated firms that have now added up to hundreds of dollars!!
    I am contacting the Dept. of Consumer Affairs today!!

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  • Au
      Oct 30, 2009

    i ordered a sample of dazzle white. I got the product and then was charged 87.62 and another 39.00 for "world club fitness". was told by a rep after i called to cancel, that when you "CLICK" on the page, you are automatically signing up to join the fitness club. what is an online fitness club gonna provide for me? EVERYONE PLEASE LISTEN TO ME. DO NOT GO ONLINE AND ORDER ANY "SAMPLE" PRODUCTS. lt is a scam, they will have your banking information, and you will be charged for things you knew nothing about. so far the total i have been charged is 126.62. Also, the numbers listed through the charges (had to call the bank to get them) weren't accurate. Here are the numbers to call, Dazzlewhite:[protected]. World Club Fitness: [protected]. I hope this is the last of the charges for me.

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  • Go
      Nov 05, 2009

    dazzle white is a scam. even after sending back the product with DC # and receiving a cancillation email, they tried charging me. they did charge me of something. not sure what. one of 3 or more items that automatically get charged when signing up for a free trial offer of dazzle white. MY CONCERN IS THAT WHEN SENDING THAT PRODUCT BACK DO THEY REUSE IT AND SEND IT TO OTHERS. I AM NOT SURE IF I NEED TO ASK MY DOCTOR FOR AN AIDS TEST.

    I have to keep checking my cc because i never know when they will charge me for something associated with dazzle white. it is a never ending nightmare.everyone i have talked with in customer service in the past has assured me no more charges, but the charges keep coming.

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  • Pa
      Nov 06, 2009

    Be very, very careful of this company. Before I knew it all kinds of debits were put on my credit card without receiving any product. Unfortunately, I had to pay for the 'free' trial' package but it didn't come within the return date and only after screaming at the company agent did I get a cancellation number. Do NOT order anything from this company. You get no confirmation of your order and before you know it, all kinds of costs are debited, including something from ELITE PACK.

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  • Js
      Nov 09, 2009

    I got the free trial. It was a two week trial but by the time I got the product, one week has already passed - so it's a one week trial. I thought I would contact them and say send me more but they automatically make that assumption and then it begins. I went online to cancel future orders; which, by the way, are not specified on the free trial page. But I just got another one month supply. Now I'm trying to deal with that. The product doesn't whiten as far as I can see but if it did, I would still be upset for being taken by the marketing plan. You let the customer decide when and how to get the product. That's the old fashioned American way of doing business.

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  • Ch
      Nov 09, 2009

    Have you been DAZZLED yet?

    It's a SCAM from the start. The script they use is designed to cover their ### legally because they KNOW you will not like what they do to you and will try to reverse the charges. That is the reason why it is so hard to get the charges reversed. The banks and credit card companies are a huge part of the problem. The loan modification companies are among the worst scammers out there. They will scam you for thousands of dollars and you WILL, more than likely, lose your home because they will do nothing to help you!

    If it is advertised on TV or RADIO, or the INTERNET, it is a SCAM!

    When are these people going to realize this???? ALL the "FREE TRIALS, JUST PAY S&H" are operating the same way, no matter which product it is.

    Doesn't anybody ever take the time to Google search a company BEFORE giving out their personal credit info?

    I can't believe how gullible people are these days. It's almost like they were born YESTERDAY, with the intelligence of a baby. You cannot trust ANYTHING OPRAH, Tom Bosley, Rachael Ray, or anybody else advertises! That, sadly, is a fact of life these days.

    DO NOT believe ANYTHING, ANYBODY says or recommends about ANY product or service, on ANY website, on ANY TV or RADIO program or COMMERCIAL. The infomercials you see on TV are the WORST SCAMS ever, They will SCAM you for THOUSANDS of dollars, if you are dumb enough to fall for their GET RICH QUICK lies!

    The PHONY BALONY NAMES these companies use just scream SCAM but apparently some of you STILL can't hear it !!!
    There is NO magic pill for anything!

    Many of these SCAM companies are not based in the USA, but you don't usually know that when you order. SO DON'T ORDER!
    Once you give them your credit info, it is then TOO LATE to change your mind, even if you TELL them you do NOT want to order before you hang up or get off the website! The "free Trial" STARTS the DAY YOU CALL TO ORDER their crap...Not when you RECEIVE the product. They delay shipping it to you so your "FREE TRIAL" has expired BEFORE you even receive their SCAM product. then they start charging your card anything they want because, technically, YOU GAVE THEM PERMISSION TO CHARGE ANYTHING THEY WANT! ALL the "FREE TRIALS, just pay S & H" is set up this exact same way, No matter which products or guarantees or testimonials they may tell you about.

    GE MONEY BANK, J.K. Harris Co., ACAI BERRY BLAST, DAZZLE WHITE, Reg cure/ safe cart, Power Colon Cleanse, Erase Credit Card Debt, Colon Cleanse 3000, RezXtra, VIV3 ACAI life CLEANSE, GOOGLE FORTUNE, ACAI BURN, ACAI BERRY BREEZE, GRANT WEALTH KIT, Dr. FLORAS COLON CLEANSE, GRANTS, Acai Advance, ACAI BERRY DETOX, Google Biz Kit, ACAI BERRY MAX, CREDIT CARD EMPIRE, Nature Cleanse, Pure Resv, Maxaciburn, WY YI tea, HealthRezV, TAX MASTERS, All the free money GRANTS sites, colon cleanse, Miracle Beauty Creams, get rich quick, Tax Settlement claims and buy houses for $300.00, pennies on the dollar, mortgage refinance, Mortgage Modification, Weight Loss, Gold buyers, Payday Loans, Penis Enhancements, Dating sites, Auto Insurance (US Fidelis & others), credit card relief, and all the "free trials, just pay shipping", are ALL SCAMS to get your credit information. They will promise or Guarantee you anything it takes to get your credit information!

    ALL of the so-called GOOGLE ADS are a complete SCAM, No matter which website you saw it on, Do not believe any so-called testimonial, they are 100% FAKE, PLAYED BY actors. If you don't BELIEVE me, try one or two on this very Complaints Board page, I dare you!!!

    Please read the TERMS OF SERVICE of ANY product carefully before ordering ANYTHING. Stay safe …DON’T order anything from the internet, TV or RADIO. Most of the time, you can't read this until you have given them your credit information and by this time, it's too late! If they want to put you on a recurring monthly charge, or sign you up with some other "FREE TRIAL", STAY AWAY at all costs.

    These recurring monthly charges are hard to win against your credit card and banks because they will argue that you AGREED to the charges. The Scammers KNOW that, also. Your only recourse is to claim that your card(s) were lost and do it THAT DAY, don't wait!

    We are a nation of naive, trusting people thinking we are about to get something for nothing or near nothing.
    All we have to do is freely give our credit information to a voice on the phone we can BARELY understand, or worse, to a scam website we never heard of before. We give out information to them that we would NOT give to our most trusted BEST FRIEND. It's no wonder America and Americans are going to HELL in a hand basket.

    NEVER, EVER RESPOND TO ANY INTERNET AD, TV OR RADIO AD, NO MATTER WHAT THEY PROMISE OR GUARANTEE and no matter which program or website you saw or heard it on. They are all lies. The so-called testimonials are paid actors, NOT REAL, ACTUAL TESTIMONIALS. Their Guarantees are worthless, they mean absolutely nothing.
    Do you REALLY think they would allow a negative testimonial in their commercial?

    Has it ever OCCURRED to you people to try to get these goods or services LOCALLY first? And if you CAN'T get it LOCALLY, you DON'T REALLY need it.

    It looks like almost all the companies, anymore, are getting on the SCAM bandwagon, (Price line, Pro Flowers, SMC,, a lot of the major banks) except possibly the LOCAL ones.

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  • Gr
      Nov 09, 2009

    Does anyone know how to get charges refunded through your credit card? I was cheated out of over$180 by this company & Bank of America Master card has not been helpful. I intend to cancel this card.

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  • Tr
      Nov 20, 2009

    Much the same as everyone else really. As soon as i realised the continual removal of funds from my account, i phoned my bank immediately and cancelled the account. As the company now has no method of withdrawing funds, i no longer care. I am down about $250 (australian) and consider myself lucky that i realised early. I suggest others cancel their accounts prior to making any complaints to these fraudulent, heartless [censored]heads in case they take out more funds.

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  • Lj
      Dec 05, 2009

    Dazzlewhite advertised a free product and after I submitted my information, they sent me my product. Then, I found out that I had to return the unused portion within 3 wks. or I would be charged $89.00 to my credit card so I didn't even open my product. I sent it right back to them, but the $89.00 was still taken off my card.

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  • Te
      Dec 09, 2009

    since I requested a 'free trial' this company has stolen £55 + each week.

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  • Te
      Dec 10, 2009


    If there was some confusion about your subscription we honestly didn t mean to inconvenience you in any

    way  Our goal is not to inconvenience our customers The terms and conditions of our offer are very visible

    on the order page they are stated on the order page where you confirm your order located directly to the

    top of where your credit card information was entered There is also a link at the top of the home page that

    opens up the terms and conditions in a separate window Customer service is our number one priority and

    we do everything we can to be open with all of our customers Of course mistakes can be made and if you

    were not aware of our terms and conditions in our site we are happy to offer you a full refund if you return

    the unused product back to us We have always honored our 30 day guarantee and will continue to do so

    You can talk to customer support seven days a week Our U S based help lines are also staffed each and

    every day of the week to respond to any questions you may have both before and after your order Simply

    call us at [protected] or visit our 24 7 live help at http www dazzlesmilepro com contactus php and we

    will be happy to walk you through the entire cancellation process

    Your satisfaction is our number one concern


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  • DazzleSmile, a.k.a. Premium White, is a deceiptful company, preying on those who don't read every link and detail of a slick ad on the internet. In October, 2009, no visible wording alluding to a "membership" costing $87.62 monthly was present. Now, there appear "terms and conditions" dated Nov. 1, 2009. When customer service was asked for a copy that appeared in the Oct. 2009 ad, they were unable to produce such a link but said that they "updated the Terms and Conditions on Nov. 1 but they are both the same" why did they need updating??? Could it be that too many people have registered complaints against this company or its web-site managers? In the latest version of the Terms and Conditions, the price of "membership" and what you will be billed is hidden in the eleventh paragraph!! Does that sound like transparent advertising? Why is it that a link has to be opened in order to find that you will be swindled out of $87+ dollars per month???

    I have been billed two different amounts from two separate vendors for the same product. The kicker - the only documentation that was received appeared in the box of the "trial Dazzlewhite pen" in the form of a slick 3 color glossy flyer which described how to use the product and "If you're still not seeing results after the Trial period, don't worry! You're still covered by our 60-Day Satisfaction Guarantee". I called about this "guarantee" today (well within the 60 days) and was told by customer service that that guarantee was changed in Sept. to a 30 -Day guarantee and that flyer shouldn't have been sent. They would not honor what they said in bold print from their own Customer Service Department [protected].

    And why are there several different customer service numbers out there?? I just called the number listed in the above complaint [protected] and he said that I would just have to return the trial DazzleWhite with this flyer and my $87.62 would be returned. I will have to see it to believe it. I believe this company to be misleading, fraudulent, masters at snake-in-the-grass advertising and have submitted a complaint to the Better Business Bureau at and I urge you to do the same! Next, I am writing to Consumer Protection in my state to help warn others of these scammers. Shame on those of you who claim that this advertising and stealing is legitimate! PS - the product is puny and not that great - I found that it irritated my teeth. I wouldn't pay $20 for it, never mind $87.

    I have been told by the DazzleWhite customer service people (2 different people) there is no corporate office number to call, just an address to an outfit called Army Post Rd. Distributors located in DesMoines, IA. Suspicious at best.

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  • Er
      Jan 05, 2010


    Sorry to hear that there was some confusion when you made your purchase. We take customer support very seriously and would like to work with you to resolve this situation. Many times, problems like this occur when people do not read our Terms of Service before they place an order. That's why we've placed our Terms of Service on the order page next to the box where you enter your credit card information. We've also placed a link to our terms on the home page for easy access. Yet, sometimes, people still fail to take the time to read it. If that was the case, I think we can resolve this situation quickly and easily. Simply return your unused portion to us today. If it has been less than 30 days since you placed your order we'll refund your money right away – as per our unconditional 30-day money back guarantee.

    I do understand that you may have other questions and concerns. If so, we are ready, willing and able to help you out. Simply contact us by phone at 8/6/[protected] or use our Live Chat help service located on our Contact Us page. Live Chat is designed to address most common problems and take you step by step through the cancellation process.

    Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority and we want to resolve this situation as soon as we can.

    Thank you,


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  • Va
      Jan 06, 2010

    Took money out of my checking account that was unathorized product does not work . Called company to complain they were very rude and unwilling to give me a refund and would not let me speak with a manager. sended back the product and waitting for the refund!!!please help!!!

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  • Cl
      Jul 13, 2010

    I have had money taken from my account which should not have been taken

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