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Dazzlewhite / unauthorized deduction from account

1 P.O. Box 10233Des Moines, ID, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 1-866-989-2686

This is a followup for all of those who are angry with unauthorized deductions from their accounts from Dazzelwhite and it's affiliates.

I finally got "Jasmine", a Customer Service Agent, at Dazzelwhite, by calling [protected], the same number that appears on it's site. I have been calling this number for two weeks, but nobody ever answers.

To get a refund:

1. Return all 'unused' portions of the product to the return address on your label. Mine envelope reads: Dazzelwhite, P.O. Box 10233, Des Moines, IA 50381. I read this address to Jasmine, while on the phone with her, and she confirmed that this was the place to make my return.

2. On the outside of your return you must write your Cancellation Number. She finally gave me one, after I pressed her.

3. You must insure the package for the value, even though Jasmine said I did not have to insure it for the $58.76, I know better. If you do not, then you are liable to Dazzlewhite for the value not covered by your insurance. So, insure for the full amount.

4. I asked her about canceling the affiliates who also deducted from my account, and her response is that information is available under Dazzlewhite's Terms & Conditions. IT IS NOT! I related that I printed it all out (which I did, in order to file with the Attorney General), and read it all, last night. There is NOTHING in any of Dazzlewhite's documents, on its site, to indicate who the affiliates are. They are, according Jasmine, as follows:

(a) Comprehensive Weight Loss: [protected]. I called five minutes after talking with Jasmine. The Customer Service Agent said that my account (subscription) was canceled earlier this date (July 9, 2009). I asked her who canceled it, and she said she could not tell. I suppose it was Jasmine, however, Jasmine said that she could not do any cancellations with the affiliates, for me. So, be warned, must call!

(b) Insider Secrets: [protected].

BE SURE TO ASK (a) and (b) for Cancellation Numbers!!! They will not voluntarily provide them!!!


I also took the liberty of writing down the Agent's names for each affiliate, ..just in case I may need them later.

I intend to file with the Attorney General because I doubt we will ever see our money. I also know that the 'business practices' of all of the above, are illegal. They closed down the 866 number for Dazzlewhite for two weeks, so that nobody could call to cancel. Then, they tell their agents that the information for canceling the affiliate subscriptions, is on it's site. IT IS NOT! I had to ask Dazzlewhite's Agent for the contact information, as well as the names of those affiliates, as they do not appear anywhere on Dazzlewhite's site!

These two infractions, alone, are enough to shut this company down, and stop them from reorganizing under another name, and doing business, as usual. They are rip-offs!

I found that Dazzlewhite's LLC is doing business as, at least, four other names, just by Googling JDW (which is their holding company's name). I am providing ALL information to the Attorney General. They will work with Idaho's A.G. to stop this company from defrauding anybody else!!!

Note: None of the above was included, or noted on Dazzlewhite's website, as of yesterday, ..which is illegal business practices.

Also, if you used a Debit Card for your payment, Dazzlewhite, and it's affiliates, are in violation of the Rules and Regulations of the Federal Trade Commission! I filed yesterday with them. It is illegal for any company to use a debit card as a form of repeat deductions from anybody's bank account. Dazzle white even states this on their web site, under Terms & Conditions, and they are well aware that they are in violation of this law since they posted it, and I found it on the FTC website!

Join me in returning your products, as I outlined above. Be sure to make your telephone calls, write down your cancellation numbers, Customer Service Agent's names, and any information they give you! Be sure to insure your package for the full amount that you were charged by Dazzlewhite. Be sure to write the Cancellation Number on the outside of your return envelope (and, if you can, make a copy of your envelope, as proof).

SHUT THESE SCAMMERS DOWN...ONCE AND FOR GOOD! File with your Attorney General. Tell them what happened to you! The A.G.'s are really nice people. I have delt with them before, and received my money back.

Also, make sure you return you product within SIXTY (60) DAYS from the date of purchase. Ask the agent when that date was so you do not miss it!!! Mine goes back today!!!

Good Luck everybody!!! Please post your results here, so I can follow the outcomes. It was good to know that I was not the only one who was ripped off! Remember, there is Strength In Numbers!!! FILE!!!

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  • We
      16th of Jul, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Dazzlewhite a Scam ? Fraud ? Crooks ? Thieves ? Hucksters, Well you get the idea
    Yes all of the above and more ….
    Aside from there deceptive web-site and fraudulent charges made to your credit cards
    They like to play games on the phone and with emails not telling you everything you need to know so you can cancel.
    This is what I did ordered on 7/9/09 realized it was a scam and canceled 7/10/09
    According to the USPS Delivery Confirmation this was processed through Dazzlewhite’s Sort Facility 7/13/09, 2:46 pm from Des Moines IA. Three days after it was canceled, this doesn’t look good for them.
    The only problem now is should I return the unopened package within the 14 days or should I wait till they commit yet another fraud so I can take the matter to the AG or DA’s office….decisions, decisions.
    Note for Dazzlewhite’s employees that scan these forums the name I used is Paul Mc Cune ill let you figure out what state I live in and who I work for and no that is not my name however should you call the proper state agency they will let me know.
    Have a great day I know I will.

  • Jl
      10th of Sep, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Guys, when you realized that it was a scam you should have closed out whatever credit/debit card you put in the system immediately. trust me the credit card companies know about this place and what they are doing. at least citibank did when I called them. also once your card is closed no other charges can come through and if the package shows up, refuse it! they cannot charge you for not returning their package if you never took it from the delivery service. that is why you sign for stuff, so... refuse the package! my sister is an attorney and I talked to her about this. they are using intimidation to get people to do what is best for them, costing you and not them. don;t pay to ship it back, don't insure the dang thing, just simply refuse it and all deliveries from them or any other company you do not recognize or know you did not order from.

    When I ordered this I did scroll down to the bottom of the screen, terms and conditions was not there on that screen. they get your info and your credit card number first and then you get prompted with this other stuff, in which you either hit I agree or no thanks, when I clicked no thanks, it froze and would not take it. they have it set up that way on purpose, I never did hit I accept, never. I finally just closed out the entire window, and bam they tried to pull this deal with me. I closed the cards immediately, talked to my attorney sister and she advised me to refuse any package that comes. end of story...

  • Fi
      28th of Sep, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I just filed my own complaint but i am copying the advice from this one. Same story. I have also filed complaints with the BBB, Missouri Attorney General, US AG, AOL, etc. I refuse to close my debit card account. I am a busy professional and I use my debit card continually. Also we are going on vacation in a couple of days. I intend to fight these people. Thanks to everyone else who is continuing to fight.

  • Jw
      25th of Oct, 2009
    0 Votes

    I'm so frustrated. I ordered the "not-so-free" trial offer and next thing I know I'm hit with a $79 dollar charge b/c I failed to read the small print. My bad. So ok, I can accept that I neglected to read the part about calling to cancel w/in 14 days but I simply can not accept the fact that after I did finally call to cancel, I continued to receive the the monthly charge for $79 in addition to all the parallel scams under EzyKit and Elitepack both of which continue to antagonize me to this day. Worst part, I don't even have a clue what I"m paying for on the EzKit or the Elitepack. I'm not actually receiving anything by mail or any services rendered otherwise. Grrrrrrrr. This is the kind of bull-shi! I don't have time for in my life. I'd love to cancel these two mystery subscriptions online but conveniently they don't have that service available. They just take your money online. @$$holes.

  • Mi
      26th of Oct, 2009
    0 Votes

    I am not gonna repeat all the others wrote, but just for the record, I completely know what they are going through, as being one who was ripped off, too.
    Shame on those companies!!!
    Let's stand together and stop them fooling other people, too.

  • Ch
      27th of Oct, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Here is the head office phone number and address for the dazzlesmile / dazzle white scam:

    Justthink media
    Corporate head office
    Suite 204, 85 cranford way
    Sherwood park, alberta, canada t8h 0h9
    Phone: 780.416.0211
    Company owner: jesse willms

    More about this company and their history can be found here:

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