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Kansas City, KS, United States
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NOTHING great about this property at all. If I could subtract stars, I would!

This place IS. NOT. SOMEWHERE. YOU. WANNA. STAY! NIGHTMARE!!! The area is bad. Parking is limited, except for "additional parking" in the back of the building. The property is run down and outdated. There was a random group of males hanging around outside all night long (even when we had to check out at 1:30am). The people above us started fighting and we heard what sounded like a "death scream" from a female. Before we could even laid down to attempt to sleep, my husband got bit by a bed bug. We took the bug to the front office...which was locked and no one was there. I called the front office and didn't get an answer. I called back and a male answered asking where I was. He appeared at the front desk. My husband and I expressed our concerns. He was rude, told us that he was unable to process our refund and that I would have to "contact the owner on Monday". He acted as if he didn't care about our concerns and as if we were just trying to con him out of money. A drunk male entered the lobby, at which time the clerk diverted his attention and proceeded to argue with him. The male disregarded everything the clerk said and proceeded to an area that the clerk said "had been shut down", "looking for a female". This motel is definitely UNDER PAR!

I contacted the property as I was told and spoke to someone named Alison who claimed to be the manager. She was rude, argumentative, unconcerned and continued to talk over me, not listening to anything that I had to say. She insisted that I "must have left without telling anyone" because "nobody made me aware". She talked over me, drowning out what I was trying to say and then told me that I was yelling. She eventually told me that she would refund the money for my reservation.

I checked my credit card statement a couple says later and find that they charged me $66.30 for the 3 hours that we were there. I contacted the owner at the number that was provided to me by Wyndham Hotel Group. A male answered the phone and identified himself as Mihir (the owner). I explained to him who I was and why I was calling. He demanded to know how I got his number. I told him. He then said "I'll call you back later". I responded by saying that "I'm simply trying to get this issue resolved. You do realize that this is bad business, right". At which time, he hung up on my and wouldn't answer any more calls. I contacted Wyndham Hotel Group and they "can't do anything about it" and has been no help regarding the matter.

This experience was worst stay EVER! I have NEVER stayed at a "Wyndham property" as nasty, run down, sketchy and below standard as this Days Inn, and I will never stay at a Wyndham Property or Days Inn…EVER AGAIN! It should also be noted that at NO time during this nightmare did anyone apologize, take our complaint seriously or even attempt to resolve the matter. NEVER AGAIN!

Days Inn by Wyndham Kansas City
Days Inn by Wyndham Kansas City

  • Updated by KendraHam, Oct 16, 2018

    I still have not received a full refund as of 10/16/18

Oct 16, 2018

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