Davison Design & Development / lost $4, 600 without any results, so pissed they wouldn't refund my money.

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It started in April 2013, I had my light bulb moment when I thought how cool it would be to have an appliance to help me track lost items such as keys, wallets, pets, with an activated sensor from my mobile phone. Early March I contacted Davison and discussed my invention idea. I was introduced me to my case officer and director of new products by the name of Marian **. Initially I was told to make an upfront payment of AUD $700.22 just to get my idea looked at. Then came the patent research to find out if a similar product was already patented and in the marketplace, which I had to pay another AUD$1, 809.64. I did my own reserch as well and found that there was already similar products on the internet. The case officer was really cunning and told me that Davison would come up with a different design and encourage me to pursue this invention. Well long story short I had to pay other additional fees and in total I was duped into paying Davison AUD $4, 574.49 plus conversion fees and international phone call charges from Australia to America. This financial loss has heavily affected my mental state of mind and my marriage. I have contacted Davison inventions numerous times since then to ask for a refund of my money but this has fallen to Davisons deaf ears. I still have all records of all transactions that occurred and emails and can prove that my contractual agreement with Davison was fraudulent. So, I would like to warn other inventors thinking of using Davison inventions to be very careful and not fall into the same trap. I will not stop giving this company a bad reviews on other sites until they fully refund my money and apologize for the pain they have caused me.

Davison Design & Development

Jan 05, 2016

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