Damelin Correspondence Collegeassignment due dates, examination acceptance and dates - overall bad service

Damelin's Admin department are incredibly quick to get you registered and to take your money; but that is about as far as their service goes.

They deduct their fee from my account on a monthly basis; yet do not provide me with the service I am paying for as a student.

In my Student pack, I received a USB with all my required modules for the year, an envelope and an assignment cover. No due dates for assignments were provided!

I then received an SMS at the end of March to advise that my assignments were due in order to qualify for exams in June? NO DUE DATES WERE SUPPLIED!!! Anyway, I had also received an SMS from a "Student Advisor" who we could message if we had any questions; I messaged the individual, asking when assignments were due - surprise, surprise!! No response!!!

I completed all assignments for all the prescribed modules on the USB; and emailed them to the designated email address for assignments. To date, I have not received any communication from the College.

I then emailed Xoliswa, the administrator who assisted with my registration as well as in taking my money; she has still not responded to my email - it was sent last week.

I am incredibly perturbed by the operations and administration of Damelin Correspondence College. This needs to be dealt with - as well as all the complaints posted on Hello Peter as well as on this site.

May 16, 2017

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