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Daimler Chrysler Financial / fraud and cheating!

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We purchased 3 vehicles over a period of time with Chrysler and subsequentally had finance agreements on the 3 vehicles we paid all of them on time with online payments. In December we experienced a no money situation with our businesses having a dramatic slowdown, probably due to the current economic situation in the USA. We contacted Chrysler Financial to explain our situation (we realize our full commitment) and asked if on this occasion they could help. At this point the lady in question explained she was in a call center in India (we were astonished hard time in the USA yet work farmed out in call centers in India!).

However we explained our situation, and she said the only thing she could do was to take interest only payments and place the rest of the capital repayments to the end of the agreements with a $7.50 fee per vehicle to do this we agreed because that was the only option, we took the ladies name and extension number and she said if we had any problems to call her back.

Then the nightmare began we received repossession notices, call after call from Daimler Chrysler Financial to say our payments were behind. we explained what we had done each person promised to remove the adverse history it did not happen. We called the lady back in what we thought was back to India ask for her extension (please note the lady was American) to be met with a person saying they were in Kansas! and they did not know the extension.

We are at our wits end when people fall on hard times the mark of a good company is on how well they perform, I appeal to all you good American people do not buy a car for Chrysler Jeep Dodge, because if you take on a commitment for 5 years you cannot afford to run into any problems.

If anyone out there has experienced the same problems please can you let me know if you have found a resolve.

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  • Cr
      17th of Aug, 2008
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    I've had problems logging into my account and they told me that I would have to pay by phone which would cost about $10. I never missed a payment but it seems they are trying to swindle our hard earn dollars. It seems to be happening randomly for this has happened to a few of my friends as well. Imagine snatching $10 bucks from hundreds of thousands customers a month. Not buying anything from them again.

    I'll stick to the Japanese Cars. CYA Chrysler!

  • Mo
      23rd of Jul, 2009
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    Same here. Tried to call for our year end balance information for 2008, got a recording that said you have to call their "International Number" for a charge of $4.99. What total CRAP. You have to PAY to get your OWN information about your OWN account? Isn't there some FTC law that states these companies have to provide account information FREE of charge? Now awaiting on a response back from an email that I'll probably never get. IF anyone knows how to contact these low lifes by phone, please provide a working number, with a REAL person on the other end, that speaks English and does not read from a script.

    I am so sick and tired of big companies trying to slam it to the little guy, Mr. Consumer, who keeps them in business. By moving their call centers to India, or Timbucktoo, they are only helping to bring our economy from bad to worse. Nice going D.C., way to treat your loyal customers. You get an F- in my book.

  • Mo
      22nd of Apr, 2011
    0 Votes

    I purchase a 2005 dodge dakota new four wheel drive v8 3.7 magmun engine what a piece of Junk. this vehicle doesn't work a penny you paid for it. actually no dodge vehicle. It's a piece of Junk from the very start First the manufacture told me I have to change the transfer case fluids ever 15, 000 miles - piece of ###- and at 40k mile the service cost 1000.00 . How ridiculous!!! Never heard of such a thing. to get t the vehicle out of four wheel drive the dealer told me I had to rock the vehicle back and forth to disengage the four wheel drive UNheard of. Go Buy a toyota. Dodge vehicles are a piece of Junk New and Used Stay away from them

  • Sh
      2nd of Mar, 2016
    0 Votes

    I purchased a semi through Daimler finance and later voluntarily returned it to the dealership where I bought it.
    I never heard anything from Daimler for several years so I assumed they sold it for the remaining amount.
    Almost 5 years later a notation shows up on my credit report claiming I owe them over $9000.
    Repeated telephone conversations with both Daimler and one of the flunkie companies they hired to collect this have resulted in the consistent refusal to produce ANY documentation whatsoever showing that ANY money is owed other than "statements" printed out on their own computer.
    I have been told on different " documents" that they sent me that the truck sold for two different amounts, that no payments were ever received on the truck despite a record ON A DOCUMENT THEY SENT ME that they recorded at least one payment.
    I have credit reports where THEY REPORTED OVER $5800 in payments but Daimler ignored that.
    The matter still soils my credit report to this day because Daimler Chrysler seeks to defraud their customers out of thousands of dollars THEY KNOW( or should know if they checked their own records) they don't owe

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