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CyberScrub / Scam charges

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Purchased their disk "Privacy Siite" which cost $59.95 and it comes with upgrades for life. Worked fine when installed, however when I wanted to install it into my new computer it won't work. I tried to contact them and everything is automated, you never get talk to a person. Left a message on the 18th of May, and today is the 21st. Needless to say another ripoff.

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  • Ar
      30th of Aug, 2014
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    You do not state how long ago you bought the product. I will assume it was years ago. I did the same thing and after about 2 years, they terminated the lifetime upgrade and stopped selling it. If you had already purchased it, they gave you one more upgrade and then that was it.

    I agree it is a scam as a lifetime upgrade is LIFETIME not whenever the company decides not to honor it. There should have been a disclaimer that they could terminate it at anytime but there wasn't

    I have emailed them about it, but they act as though it never existed and just offer an upgrade price.

    This is as of 8/2014

  • Mr
      4th of Sep, 2014
    -1 Votes

    I purchased cyberscrub in 2004 with the "Lifetime Upgrade Insurance". I recently purchased a new laptop and went to download the latest version. When I downloaded it I was only given a 15 day trial.

    I contacted Customer support and they emailed me back saying they ended support for it and that I could purchase a new product.

    I replied explaining the difference between an update and an upgrade and received no response. I emailed them a second time suggesting they escalate my ticket and received no response.

    It appears I got ripped off. Don't you do the same.

  • Ma
      22nd of Aug, 2015
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    I bought CyberScrub and got nailed with the same scam. But it is powerful protection so I bought the new upgrade that would go with Win 7. Suddenly it wouldn't work. Fortunately I bought the back up disc...I thought. The disc would not work without a serial number which is not the number on the disc. Then I heard from someone else that the disc is timed to not function after you use it an unknown number of times. I used it twice including the present time. I figured that it had been a year and so my subscription was up. Order the new version and installed as the softwared directed. At NO POINT did it indicate that special steps needed to be taken to remove prior versions. I found this out AFTER the software was installed and it refused to be activated. There is absolutely NO ON TO TALK WITH and it has been NINE DAYS and the ticket is still open and they have not responded. I"m calling the credit card company and halting payment until they fix the problem. I cannot even open the software. I would look else where if I were looking for cleaning software. Great software...but no concern for the customer unless you want to spend hours combing through their site trying to find answers and even then having to supply product info that you can't access. The experience is a a TOTAL RIP OFF. BE WARNED.

  • Nn
      27th of Aug, 2018
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    My subscription was about due, so I tried to renew it from the program on my computer a few days early LAST YEAR. It charged me the FULL PRICE for a new version, NOT the price of an upgrade. I attempted I dont' know how many times to contact them by writing to them on their website. I got some lame email back in about a MONTH. So I got charged the full amount PLUS the upgrade amount. Fortunately Discover could not contact them EITHER, so they removed the full price charge from my Discover Card. Well it's been a year again and time for another "upgrade." Now no matter what credit card I try to use or even if I try to use PayPal, it says "transaction denied." I have an 815 Credit score, by the way, and there is NOTHING wrong with my credit card accounts. I even called Discover, and they said there was NOTHING showing on THEIR end from Cyberscrub. I am just going to let it run out - which is about 7 days from now. I will see if by any chance it AUTOMATICALLY charges my credit card(s), and if not, I am going to just let it run out and use another program. I am actually thinking about going to PC Matic - it's expensive but it does a lot. I know it does NOT wipe your deleted files like Cyberscrub does, but I also know that there are other programs out there that do. I have pretty much had it with CyberScrub, even though I have used it for years. It's really too bad that their Customer Service is so LAME, because I like the way the program works. Maybe they had a change of management or something, but whatever it is - EVERYTHING to do with Customer Service and trying to extend your subscription has now become a HUGE PAIN, and if it doesn't renew automatically, I'm done with Cyberscrub. I had no idea that SO MANY other people were having the same problems that I am, but it's plain to see on this website that I am definitely not alone in my frustrations with Cyberscrub. And again ... it's really too bad.

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