CVS Store No. 8735, Ogden Milwaukee, Chicago IL / unreturned credit card

Chicago, IL, United States

On May 7, 2017, I purchased prescription drugs with a credit card from Store No. 8735, Chicago IL. The pharmacy clerk failed to return the card, and I didn't notice as I was preoccupied reviewing the drugs I received. Immediately thereafter, I left Chicago for a week long visit in Wisconsin. When I returned to Chicago on May 13, 2017, I realized that my credit card was missing and, upon learning that the CVS purchase had been my last purchase with the card, I called the pharmacy at Store No. 8735 and was told that my credit card was at the store in the manager's office. I was also told that a voice mail message had been left on my mobile line notifying me that the card was at the store--that assertion is false, as no such message was received by me on the telephone line identified by the pharmacy clerk. I immediately traveled to the store and went the manager's office. A man, who said his name is Ben but otherwise refused to identify himself, told me that the card was not there and that it was probably thrown out. I then asked Ben if he knew who threw the card out, and he responded that he didn't hadn't done it and didn't know who did. I asked Ben if any written record had been made regarding the store's possession of the card, and Ben said that there was no record. These are my complaints: (1) the card was not returned to me after my purchase, (2) despite having my telephone number, the store did not call me to inform me that the store was in possession of my card, (3) no record was made of the store's possession of my card, (4) no one at the store knows what actually happened to the card, (5) if the card was actually "thrown out" as asserted by Ben, then it was not properly disposed of, (6) CVS does not has a proper policy regarding credit cards it fails to return.

May 13, 2017

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