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CVS Port Charlotte Florida 33948 / pharmacy issues problems

1 United States

I had an issue several years ago when this pharmacy gave me the completely wrong prescription and shrugged it off as no big deal. My husband needed something filled due to oral surgery.
So I gave them our insurance card since he never gets anything filled. 40 minutes of phone calls and the Pharmacists says we are not covered. I am speechless. I know we are covered =) I just got statements in the mail from the company so it just didn't make sense. He hurried me along saying that he was done contacting them and I need to make a decision of either buying the medicine or going elsewhere. Now I have my husband bleeding profusely from the mouth in the car God only knows what he is doing since I walked into the store so I suck*ed it up say I know that I am covered and that I would be back to get a refund once I got it straightened out.

I first call the office of the job to see whats up, they get back to me in 20 minutes saying there is nothing wrong, he is in the system, they double verified it and everything. So I am like ok, I call the company 2 times and both reps said ya you are covered and oh by the way that pharmacy never filed anything (they keep record of every attempted claim instantly). Oh ok, so now I am a bit upset to say the least because I stood at CVS for 40 minutes thinking that they were calling my insurance but obviously they weren't.

Well I go in and get the store manager because I felt that when I had left I was more of a bother to the pharmacist then anything so I wanted to have her deal with it. So she shook her head saying that I am the 4th complaint of the day (this was at 1030am). Ok so we go back I tell the guy what my insurance said, and you know what he said? I was lying and asked if he got them on speaker phone would they say the same thing to him??? What? I really attract the crazies lately. Where did that come from?

So well after him being upset and the manager thinking that I am full of crap they get the company on the phone, so embarrassing since he was speaking really loud saying things like, you are not right about this and having me give info in front of everyone like a social security number. I felt humiliated. Finally he got them on and they said I wasn't covered, he is all happy and said tell this customer this. So I get on, this is Tricare I am speaking with. WHAT?!! I don't have tricare! It says evolutions right on the card. I don't have a federal job either. He was calling the wrong company and he was giving them the wrong information. Of course I wasn't covered, its not my insurance! So I really felt that I didn't do anything wrong, I still don't but this is how it ended. He "DID ME A FAVOR" and credited me for what I have to pay for over my copay. No apology but I did get this. " Ill take responsibility, The customer is never wrong, the doctor is never wrong it is always the pharmacist who is wrong!" He said it so loudly twice that customers were rolling there eyes and the tech was too.

To top it off in January I had a rx filled there that was new they told me my insurance didn't cover it come to find out they do and I have spent in the last 7 months, $400 over what I should have spent. So now I have to file a claim to my insurance company. So this isn't the first time they messed this up its just the last time they told me a lie. Its so bad with CVS in general that my insurance company told me one of the gazillion times I called them that they are thinking about removing CVS from there network in 2008 because this is a nationwide issue... go figure.

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