CVS Pharmacy / wrong pictures developed at cvs pharmacy

United States

On friday, sept.8, 2011, right after school, I brought a disposal camera to cvs at 540 west main street, meriden connecticut to be developed. I had just completed the roll of my class for a presentation for parent’s night. It was the only camera I had. I went to pick up the film the next day.
I was surprised to see someone’s vacation pictures. So not only did I have the wrong pictures but someone else did too.

According to the personel at cvs, I must have had a second camera and brought in the wrong one. They looked on the computer and my students’ pictures were not even there. Someone erred! The personel stated “it was a mystery”. They took a look at the security camera and said I was the only one to bring in pictures that evening. They kept repeating that I must have had a second camera.

Not only was I humiliated in front of other customers but my presentation for parent’s night is ruined not only for me but for my students and their parents. Cvs needs to train their employees better in customer relations.


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