CVS Pharmacyservice

I cannot tell you specific dates but on multiple occasions I have had multiple incidents with CVS Pharmacy in Secaucus NJ. They are extremely lazy, They don't do their jobs. you need to do jobs for them. I have had to contact my doctors on multiple occasions and insurance company and even bring correct price tags to them. they are extremely rude and do not assist you or care to assist you. My son had surgery in September 2016 and there was a problem with a code that CVS was processing and my son went a whole week without pain medication because they were to lazy to call the insurance company to get the correct code where the pharmacist actually said to me I can pay for a $250 pain prescription out of my pocket if I am so worried about my sons pain. I of course told him I had insurance for that reason where I don't have to pay out of pocket and you should pay for it being that you weren't doing your job. so I ended up after numerous times call the pharmacy ended up 3 waying the call with the pharmacy and insurance company and finally doing the pharmacies job for them.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Secaucus, NJ

Another incident was again I was picking up a prescription and noticed that there were B12 pills buy one get one free on sale so I brought them to the counter when I picked up my prescription and they rang up as regular price so I told the girl they are sale and she said no this is what it rings up as and I said no I will show you come with me she actually said no I don't want to go so either you take it at this price or not at all. Well that didn't end up so pleasant but I did end up getting it for the buy one get one free.

And again the same incident of the insurance happened with my daughter when she was picking up pain pills from the dentist and again they didn't want to call the insurance company and again I had to 3 way it.

And now today 1/20/17 I called them on 1/19/17 at 10 AM because they are also no longer 24 hours to make sure that being my dr. closes on Friday 1/20 at 1 that I get my refills for blood pressure filled. well I have called all day today 4 x for them to once again lie and say they are going to call the dr. and the pharmacy said that all they do is fax over a request for refills and I told him the dr. closes at 4 and he said he would call. I called at 10 mins. to 1 and they said no they are still waiting for the dr. to call them back and I said did you call and they said no we will wait for the dr. so again I had told them a few choice words and again I had to call myself for the refill.

I talk to so many people and everyone complains about them and was told that they only reason why they went to them was because it WAS 24 hours and it is not even 24 hours anymore.

This is totally unacceptable. Enough is enough and their whole pharmacy really needs to be replaced.

I hope someone will do something about it this is disgusting.

Jan 20, 2017

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