CVS Pharmacy / pharmacy department

Henrico Virginia, US

CVS could not resolve my issues yesterday nor today. Dates 3/15 and 3/16, with my insurance coverage. I transferred my prescriptions to Walgreen's and got myself registered and my needs met in less than 15 minutes. So what is CVS' problem?
I have United Healthcare/Verizon Advantage Plan as of this year. My pneumonia shot is covered 100%. CVS could not get my new coverage to cover my shot. Kept saying my Medicare was incorrect roo something to that effect. I even had customer service on the call with me this morning for 30 minutes walking them thru. Still unsuccessful. Medicare is not involved or the problem! I told them this 3 times! I waited 30 minutes in the store yesterday and was unresolved. On the phone this morning another 30 minutes wasted. Do they know how to fill out the insurance info in the computer? Evidently not! No problem with Walgreen's. You need to check out your program for slicks or the store pharmacy. Clerks need training or something. They said I would have the same problem elsewhere. Not so! I told the pharmacy I was moving my prescriptions over and no longer dealing with them. One person was snappy with me and said then go elsewhere if you can get better service. That's exactly what I did. I have been with CVS for 15 years and have noticed they are not very customer friendly like they were at one time. Don't even try to get me back! I was very pleased with Walgreen's and here to stay! They gave me 3 days of running around!

Mar 16, 2017

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