CVS Pharmacy / CVS Healthnot filling my prescription over holiday weekend

R Nov 27, 2017

My Ativan was called in on 11/22/2017 to cvs. The pharmacy never filled my prescription Ativan, before holiday weekend which left me out of my Ativan causing me to have severe headaches, chest pains, and severe seizure, sweats, pain in entire body walking and confused on Sunday 11/26/2017. On Monday 11/27/2017 I talk to pharmacist to let them know and see if they did receive prescription from my doctor and they said yes on 11/27/2017 but they have to now get approval from my insurance cause change of prescription. When I called cvs before holiday weekend I was told they said they didn't get call from doctor. This all could have been of avoided if they filled my prescription as directed. Because it wasn't I was left with no Ativan causing severe withdrawal symptoms over the weekend.

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