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T Nov 16, 2017

I want to no how can a pharmacist talk about your personal information in front of other customers I have been on this medication for over 15 years I have always gotten extra bottle with name on it so I don't carry all of my pain medication around I only carry a few and this [censor] new pharmacist at cvs store#3599
7647 highway 76, pendleton, sc 29670
Rph - john b. Which rd
I do not appreciate all of my business being put out for everyone to hear everything he said I was told that I can get in trouble with these extra bottles by the law enforcement I told him I never heard this I been on these meds over 15 years and have done this always no one no other pharmacy ever told me this the law enforcement never told me this he said well they come in your house with all these pill bottles you will go to jail be in big trouble I don't appreciate him saying this so loud ar the counter where u pick up the medications and not at the consultation desk I am disabled and so embarrassed of what this man done to me. I have witnesses and people behind me was very pissed off also for what he done to me this is suppose to be private I think yall call it the hepa law well he broke this law and I may just turn this over to an attorney this has really upset me about my privacy I could have gotten mugged or beat or worse with my pain medication that I had filled their. And put out in the public for some thug or druggie or thief could have heard this. I'm talking about oxycontin and oxycodone now you tell me what should be done about this. Even the pharmacy techs didn't like what he done their mouths were dropped open from what he done. Something better be done about this matter immediately or I go to an attorney and make sure that the news will no I have been violated of my hepa rights.

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