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On Saturday 11/25/2017 I took my son, who had a moderate fever, to the CVS Minute Clinic, My husband, who was at Kroger at the time, decided to meet us there.

We waited for almost an hour, which I'm fine with, but considering that only one other person was sitting there, it's kind of strange. The Nurse Practitioner finally came from her office with a Dunkin Donuts brand cup of coffee in her hand. She called me next, even though there was a woman waiting before me. When I tried to explain that the woman (who looked terrible, btw) was there before my son and I, seh snapped at me about time. The woman then exclaimed that she had been skipped not once, but twice. The Nurse Practitioner (I think her name was Christine or Christy) then yelled at her to "Give me a minute!".

As we sat down, I began to explain to her when I noticed my son's symptoms and told him to explain his symptoms as well (he is 9). Christine/Christy wasn't listening. She was whispering profanities under her breath while she searched her computer. I asked her not to use that kind of language in front of my son.

"What language?" was her response as she eyed me down. I was shocked because it looked as though she wanted to physically attack me! She then grabbed a thermometer and took my son's temperature.

The conversation went back to normal as she asked him what was going on. I saw his temperature on the thermometer. It read 98.8. I brought up the possibility of strep throat as my son's condition did include nausea and pain while swallowing. That's when Christine/Christy copped an attitude.

"He doesn't even have a fever, so it can't be strep!" I then fired back at her: "His temperature was 98.8. That is a low grade fever!" She then begrudgingly gave him a strep test, adding "I don't think it's strep, " while doing it. I told her just to administer the test. It turned out that it was strep.

Christine/Christy didn't even apologize. She just shrugged her shoulders. When I asked her why I, not even a medical professional, could identify the symptoms of something and she couldn't. Christine/Christy eyed me down again. I eyed her down back and handed her my insurance card.

In the end, I paid a $15 dollar copay for a horrible attitude. Christine/Christy is BEYOND rude and I don't think she is fit to deal with the public in any capacity, much less healthcare.

Oh, and that's not all, when I told her that I would file a report on her to the store manager, she mumbled out a 1-800 number that I could call. I went to inform the store manager of how rude her medical staff were. The store manager, Latoyna, was just as rude, if not worse.

I spotted her chatting it up with my husband in the toothpaste aisle. She called my husband "Michael Ealy" and told him that his jacket was made of a very nice material. I immediately interrupted her to inform her about the incident between my son and I and Christine/Christy. The whole time, she was making moon eyes at my husband. I was shocked and sickened that a professional employee would act this way.

When she attempted to touch my husband, I pulled him away by the shoulder. I told her "Don't touch!" We were both stunned that this was happening. I cannot believe that.

I would like a full apology from CVS. I don't want any gift cards or anything like that. I want an apology or else further legal action will be taken.

Tara Aja Schroder-Jenkins

Nov 26, 2017

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