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On three different occassions I was told that the pharmacy did not have my prescription in stock. May 25 and June 25 CVS did not have my prescripton for Ovocon 50 (birth control pills) in stock, even through this prescription is on ready fill and has been at this pharmacy for over 1 year. Now today, July 1, I am told that they would have to order my prescription for Vyvanse which once again is a prescription that I get there every month for over a year. When complaining, the pharmacy manager said she could call other stores and of course I would have to go over and pick it up. Why should I be inconvened when its NOT my fault they screwed up. I don't want to hear excuses well I am new or I was on vacation. NO EXCUSE, do your job! If I don't do my job, I'll get fired. I have decided to bring my prescriptions back to Walgreens and do business there. I knew I should have stayed away from CVS when they gave me the wrong prescription many years ago after I was discharged from the hospital ER with a head injury.

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      Jul 01, 2011

    What a "great" reply to my complaint. I am glad that you think I am a ### because your opinion doesn't matter to me. I posted the complaint to let other customers know they are not alone and maybe corporate CVS will do something. Also if you don't do your job aren't there consequences? This happened three times in a row, no excuses. They told me they don't have purchasing records which is a bunch of bull. People need to take responsiblity and do their jobs. Many people in CT are out of work and the governor is laying off another 6000, so maybe get someone in there who can do the job and do it right.

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  • Oh
      Jul 01, 2011

    Even Walgreens runs out of medications. This can happen at Walgreens as well. They don't make the pills themselves, and like anything else where you depend on companies shipping product, things can be sold out. I think you are making way to big of a deal about this. I can tell you I switched to CVS from Walgreens for the same reason. The difference is I didn't fly off the handle when these things happen.

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  • Pr
      Nov 23, 2011

    I am a tech for CVS and I admit we make our share of mistakes which some we can take full repsondsibility while other times its our vendor who is not stocking your Meds, After you(and by you I mean all customers leave) whether we've done a great job or the smallest mistake we are treated like trash. As technicians we fill your medicine and its the PHARMACIST job to very that everything on the original script is what is dispensed to the T. While you might be angry with us...we get called names like stupid and @ss if we accidently assume something not even life threatening. If we type take 1 by mmouth because we feel we need to speed up. We get thrown under any bus that you customers throw to the pharmacist. So I apologize to any customer that has had an issue. Wheh the pharmacist apologizes and says she will handle t...and you leave..she def handles it alittle over the top than she should. Iv worked with atleast 20 different pharmacist in the past year and every single one loves me and never complains. Customers love me in and outsside of the store. They address me per HIPPA. SO what I'm trying to say is unless you've been behind that counter you don't know the extreme pressure and intimiation we are under and the crap that is mubbled about us in ear shot. If I ask for your ID for a control or Narc..and you wanna argue and not give it over..Im ot giving it to you, I will lose my job. Plenty of other pharmacys dont mind losing their license but I go by the federal law (especially seeing how I also majored in that). This holiday thank your pharmacy tech, without them their would be no Pharmacy. I thank each one even if they are made at me. Just smile and bare it!

    -High dissapointed Tech speaking her mind

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