Custom Built Personal Training / Money Laundering / Shorting Employees on pay checks and hours / Benefits

Phoenix, AZ, United States
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Phone: 480-883-8860

I am a previous employer inside a YouFit gym for Custom Built Personal Training. I love personal training and had very many clients. I HATE THE COMPANIES!!! Beware, you as a guest are not only going to be lied to by the Personal Training Manager, but also by the Gym manager. They do not tell you all of the details and they are truly in it for the money. The owners won't help you or employees. They are liars and fake and should NOT be running a business though more and more gyms keep popping up across the nation. They short employees of hours and sessions, and also say that if one averages 30hrs a week they qualify for benefits. They took away my benefits AFTER I was accepted and recieved my insurance cards, saying I didn't work enough, though I pulled 14 hr days with random breaks in between and indeed deserved benefits. Corporate also is HORRIBLE, they have ridiculous policies and are all quick to assume. The only few genuine people who work inside are the ones who want to help others and truly change others lives, sadly, those are the ones to get screwed over, this goes for front desk staff and trainers. This isn't the first company Iworked for who has done this in AZ and why the Department of Labor does nothing, baffles me. If anybody has suggestions on how to file complaints, or has ideas on how to stop this, please share. I feel bad for all who got lied to and scammed, and I am frustrated as they ultimately do not care about ANYBODY but their self and especially not about thir own employees health. Sincerely, a VERY disappointed person.

Mar 14, 2013

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