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Fareham, England, Hampshire, United Kingdom

Returned a Lenovo Yoga 8 10.1 tablet to Currys on 14/7/2015, after 6 months. It failed to power up. The stroppy salesperson read me the riot act as to company policy, NO REFUND OR REPLACEMENT, as it had just gone over the 6months, this will have to be repaired.(no leniency whatsoever, 3 strikes and you are out! sir.)
I asked for the manager, but the stroppy salesperson tried to avoid my request, eventually got Craig Patterson (manager)who also was from the same mold as the stroppy salesperson. I had to settle for the repair option, going back to Lenovo UK, could take 28 days(what a fantastic service, that's if actually goes back to Lenovo, (I do not trust Currys)
I had the same customer service when I bought the item, I should have learned a lesson.That's another lost customer

Jul 14, 2015

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