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I just was told at your south haven michigan store that my business is no longer wanted or needed there by your not so helpfull employees.

just bought a cub cadet push mower last week, put oil and gas into mower, started to test mow a small patch.

the adjustable speed control was improperly assembled and didnt work at all, front left wheel was improperly installed, bolt was stripped out, ok fine...was willing to fix myself and forget about it.

1 week later was going to actually use the mower for first time.

after running a few minutes, engine started to choke sputter and backfire..few minutes later engine died and started to blow black smoke.

now i am UN-happy.

called store and talked to store "manager" leah.

she said "sure, bring it right on in".


when arrived at store with mower "leah"

grabbed mower from me, and i started to explain what was happening with it, she said didnt want to hear anything yet, and pushed mower into backroom to "try" a couple of "things".

hmm ok..

comes back out with another employee, and he states there is "nothing" wrong with mower.

procceds to start it up, it sputters on start, it is still smoking and barely running.

then states that it must be an "operator" error and that i didnt have the safety lever fully engaged and the mower was "fine" and they werent going to do return, no exchange, mower was "used" and to have a nice day. goodbye!

"now i am mad" no explanation to what was the problem he "fixed", and wanted no input from me whatsoever on what mower was really doing.

to-bad so-sad have a nice day!

i procceded to tell "leah" and the other guy that i had spent about 8 thousand dollars at this particular store over the past six months on various pneumatic tools/animal feed, fencing and welding equipment and that was a pretty crappy way to deal with a loyal customer about a $299 push mower that was basiclly broken before i even had gotten it home and that and i was going to contact TSC corporate and Cub-Cadet about this complete failure to even "attempt" to stand by the product that they were selling.

manager "leah" then told me, FINE you can have your money back, and so much as told me my business was no longer wanted or appreciated at TSC and here is your money, GET out!

i am not one to fire off cranky complaining emails on a whim, but in my personal experience with over 10 years of customer service, i have NEVER seen a as such a poor example of on how to handle a customer with a legitimate problem with such a seriously defective product..

was really just told it was fine and nothing was wrong with mower and maybe i was too dumb to use it and we were actually just lying about the wheel and speed adjustment problem, and the backfiring and smoke was just imaginary!

a totally-unbelievable and embarrassing experience in front of other store staff and shoppers.

so in ending,

i would jst like to say that up until this point that i was a very happy and loyal TSC customer/shopper and spent a large part of my farming and equipment budget at your store annually.

but due to this incident with manager "leah" and the other rude employee that speculated on my "imaginary" problems with this mower, that this will regrettably no longer be the case.

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  • Cp
      Sep 19, 2010

    customer service at tsc is a thing of the past

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  • Cp
      Sep 19, 2010

    customer service at TSC is a thing of the past

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  • Cu
      Jul 10, 2011

    Nice complaint about the store where you bought the mower. I thought this was a site to review and rate the actual mower versus the store manager. Your review is a waste of time.

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