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Date: 21/06/17- booking number - [protected]
I booked a flight to London from Hangzhou but, needed it changed to a week earlier, I contacted Ctrip and was told that it's the airline policy that tickets cannot be modified or changed but if I contact the airline company and they agree to change it, they will change it. I ring Cathay Pacific in London only to be told that i ve been misinformed and that Ctrip need to be the one to modifiy my flight. So again I ring Ctrip, they tell me okay they will pass it on to another team who can check flights for me and ring me back. They finally managed to find a flight for on the 27th of June which costs 2000 rmb less than my original ticket, then had the nerve to tell me there's a fee of 1, 500 rmb despite this and that the airline have only given me 40 minutes to confirm my flight baring in mind, they rang me at 10:20 pm. I agree to pay only to be told that they only accept credit cards and without it they will not change my flight as they wont accept any other form of payment. I was very frustrated at this point and asked to speak to a manager, which i was told that he was not available and that there's nothing they can do and the line cut. Ctrip did not bother to ring back so, I rang their customer service team and was funnily enough put through to a manager, who preceded to tell me that she is not sure that her stuff would tell me that i can call the airline company and if they agree I can change my flight. She then implied that i must have misunderstood the conversation. This was very rude on her behalf as a manager, however I made it clear to her to not make me out to be a liar and at no point did she express any sympathy or apology. I made it clear to her that i do not care about that conversation, but why has the stuff left it last minute to tell me that there will be a fee to change flights and it can only be paid by credit card. She rings the team to discuss what happened and simply tells me that, there is nothing wrong with their procedures and the payment of credit card can be told by customers at any point they want. No resolution from the so called line manager, appalled by the lack of customer service. Even though, they are actually making more money if they change my flight to Tuesday as it's cheaper. These people clearly need to be sent abroad to receive training on how to deal with customer complaints!! Will never be using Ctrip again, absolutely terrible company, who have no regards for their customers. A desirable solution would be for them have changed my flight without a fee since it's not my fault that I do not own a credit card in China, I only have a chinese bank card and UK debit card or for them to have atleast refunded me enough to purchase the ticket on Tuesday the 27th which cost 4, 000 rmb, when I paid 6236rmb.

Jun 21, 2017

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