CSX Transportation / crossings in lakeland, fl at reynolds rd, fish hatchery near hwy 92 east.

Lakeland, FL, United States Review updated:

For some reason a trench was dug on both sides of the railway at these crossings and filled back in. The problem is the fill material has been removed by traffic. It looked like gravel but no asphalt. Now there is a trench on both sides of the crossing which is very rough on vehicle suspension and hazardous for motorcycles and very hazardous to scooters. It would be a simple fix. I can't believe CSX just left it in that condition. To complicate matters there are no warning signs to unsuspecting drivers new to this crossing. It has been like this for probably a few weeks now.

Jan 09, 2019
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  • Cr
      Mar 06, 2019

    Just who’s STUPID idea was it to ‘work’ ( and I use that term extremely loosely) on all 4 of these tracks at the same time? Do you think that there are no people that use these areas? Well think again. These are EXTREMELY BUSY roads ALL DAY. And, you have turned our daily commute into a twice a day nightmare!!! Think about the people driving next time and not just the rail cars — PLEASE 😤😤😤

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