Crunch Fitness / crunch terminated my membership

Westland, MI, United States

Crunch fitness terminated my membership because of " excessive sweating", I'm a semi pro cyclist and utilize the spin bike for over 90min per session . At the end of my session I would leave sweat on the ground, although I would completely wipe down the equipment (completely), there would be sweat on the floor. None of the employees would have an issue, except for one hard case employee that wanted me mop the floor in that area . I filled a complaint with management and was told not to worry "she would talk to the employee..." The next day the hard case employee accused me of spitting on the floor, "which I did not". and the manager sought me out and stated that she would "terminate my membership" if I didn't mop the floor … nothing in my contract states that I have to mop the floor after a work out, I feel that's why I pay membership dues, I feel as though I've bee singled out by one employee because he didn't want to do his job and clean up the spin room area. I can not find a corporate number to fill my grievance, so that I take it higher then a store manager. As a newer Gym if this is how they will treat they're new patrons, they wont be in business very long

Oct 23, 2018

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