F Nov 22, 2017

I booked a cruise through the World Travel Holdings division of Confirmation #180-[protected].

$214.99 was prepaid in June, 2017. The invoice and confirmation indicated that the remaining balance of $2, 067.56 was due on 11/24/2017. This is in conflict with the $500 "company payment" which was to be applied to my credit card on 11/14/2017. If $500 was to be deducted on the 14th, then only $1, 567.56 would be due on 11/24/2017. Yet, in bold type, the invoice and confirmation indicated the remaining balance of $2, 067.56 was due on 11/24/2017. Since the credit card I had used for the prepayment in June had been closed due to fraud on the account.

I called on 11/21/2017 to advise them of my new card number. I was then informed that the reservation had been cancelled due to the $500 being declined by my credit card on 11/14/2017. I can only assume the two emails that they supposedly sent advising of the declined charge went to my span folder. Though, had my home phone number and never attempted to call me. Upon speaking to a supervisor, who goes by C.J. Mays, I was informed that at this time all Superior Oceanview Stateroom with Balcony rooms were fully booked. I was only interested in reinstatement of the original room type I had booked and at the original price I had contracted at back in June. She was unable to do this.

I did receive today an email indicating that $90.00 of my $214.99 was being refunded. I asked C.J. for the balance of the prepayment to be refunded to me as well. She said that $100 would be refundable only upon me booking a new cruise. I informed her that under the circumstances I would never again use as an agent to book a cruise. Though very polite during our conversation, she continued to refuse the full refund. She did say that management was aware of the confusion caused by the conflicting payment dates on the invoice and confirmation. Thus, I feel the error of this circumstance fully is due to's incompetence.

It is poor enough that we won't be able to enjoy the cruise in March (our 10th wedding anniversary is in March 2017), but is also retaining the $124.99 prepayment I made. This is poor customer service, as this situation should never have occurred. Since was unwilling and/or unable to re initiate the reservation in its originality, the least they can do is make a FULL refund. The original cruise adviser who booked the cruise for us in June was a Lindsey Ray. She is obviously no longer employed with since her phone extension is no longer working. We were never notified of this, and thus another breakdown of customer/business communications and relationship. I look forward to a refund of $124.99 and perhaps an apology. This was to be my 2nd cruise in the past 35 years and my wife's first cruise ever.

This could all have been avoided by not offering to pay the $500 deposit. I would been okay with paying the full deposit at the time of booking. Yet, that was part of their "promotion" and it ended up being the cause of the problem. I am astounded that even though admitted to the confusion caused by their invoice wording, they would not concede that they had cancelled the reservation erroneously. Since they were either unable or unwilling to re initiate the original booking and at the original price, it is appalling that they want to retain the $100 cancellation fee and the $24.99 processing fee. It wasn't I who cancelled. It was they and their poor customer service/policies.

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