Crossmark / CROTCHMARK

TX, United States

If you are desperate for any job and willing to work for people who have no experience as managers, CROSSMARK is hiring. A couple things to note. (1) The pay and hours are crap. (2) They dazzle their clients with "service excellence" but it's all for show. No senior executive in the company ever attends the service meetings, though they will appear in a glossy video. (3) Turnover is horrendous, about 70% in the retail services jobs. (4) They tell you "benefits available for part time" but it's not worth the money you will pay, and the company doesn't pay any part of the premiums. (5) It's a "good ole boy club". I've heard the company paid out $5 Million in bonuses this year, and HALF of that money went to the top 4 executives. The other half was paid out to the other 4, 000 full time employees. Part timers got no bonus. (6) If you are lucky enough to score a full time position, save your money, because at the drop of a hat they could change you to part time, causing you to lose your insurance. Of course this saves them from having to pay higher unemployment insurance premiums. So, like I said, if you are willing to be treated like a lowly maggot for a few bucks, call CROSSMARK today!


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