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Crossmarkthis is ###

i hired into crossmark about 7 months ago i have a two year old and i am nine months pregnant...when i hired in i was promise 25-40 hours a week at the most i get 12-18 thats it...i was making more at my under the table job i was working at proir to crossmark...during my still on going employment through crossmark our supervisior quit and someone replaced her...the first boss was nice and very understanding towards me and my morning sickness, but still on my third day of employment she gave me a verbal coaching because i was told not to go by the sch. posted on sales trek to go by the one issued to one ever told me to go by it during the week and not to during the weekend. So due to reasons i didnt know about i missed a day of work AND GOT IN TROUBLE FOR IT!!! All because they failed to inform me of this glich...their training was horrible i got there for my first day and they just threw me on the floor thats that we have gotten our new boss i was trying very hard to keep up with the job and morning sickness one day i threw up all down in the sleeves of my shirt and manager refused to let me go home even to change(i agreed to take a pay loss)...not only that we dont have a sch at all we go day by day...i have a two year old that i need to find a babysitter for which is not easy when i wake up in the morning and discover i have to be to work in less than a hour its is ###...also i didnt notice until i got to work i wore the wrong shoes on one of these unexpected shifts i offered to go home and change(also offering a pay cut for that shift) my shoes i wore tennis shoes instead of my work shoes me being pregnant i didnt want to wore them knowing my feet would kill me...i pointed it out to my boss and she said no its fine she needed me out on the floor at the end of my shift she has me sign a write up and if i didnt she was to fire it is december and i have not recieved two of my checks and my car broke down i have no way to get back and forth to work without a check to fix it or gas in the car to go it has been almost three weeks since i havent received the first one and i received one then yesterday i didnt recieve one...they expect us to do an outstanding job when they dont give us the proper tools to do it...during one of my shifts a co-worker of mine and i had to share a oven on different isles of the store and when one of us left our cart to get our food we would get into trouble for leaving it...what else are we supposed to do??? CROSSMARK IS NOT A DEPENDABLE EMPLOYEER TAKE IT FROM A EMPLOYEE...AND EVERYTHING EVERYONE HAS SAID SO FAR ON THIS SITE IS TRUE AND I HAVE HEARD THE SAME STORYS FROM THE FLINT CLUB AS WELL


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    memikedee Apr 29, 2013

    Well why are you having babies with a man who cant provide, and im sure 18 hours a week could by you some kind of prevention.
    WIth that attitude no wonder you cant find anything else.Lets work on the attitude and keep the legs close.

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    rainetensai Oct 25, 2012
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    Verified customer

    I started working for Crossmark in April 2012. Had a supervisor that came in and showed me the basics for about 20 minutes one day, then never heard from him again accept for a few conference calls.

    He was quickly replaced, and we were given a temporary supervisor that lived on the other side of the country! He was of absolutely no help when it came to getting supplies ordered, and often scheduled multiple people for the same day that needed to be using the same equipment. When we would call him to help sort it out, he'd tell us that he lives far away and is only a temporary super and we have to work it out on our own.

    He was finally replaced with a more local supervisor. First time she came to see us was months after she was appointed to us. Had nothing nice or good to say. Spoke to us in a border-line abusive manner. Was rude to customers who were at our carts when she arrived. Was rude to Walmart management, whom we have worked hard to maintain good relationships with. Came in an ignored everything we said threw out most of our stuff, so now we have to get approved to buy more when we have an event that needs that stuff.

    Now she wants to speak with me but refuses to do so through email, insists on over the phone, and I'm afraid it will just be more abusive talk.

    Either way, I'm thinking of starting some petitions over on asking crossmark to let Event Specialists sit at the cart rather than stand, sounds like some of you have complaints about wrongful termination and discrimination, I'd be happy to make petitions about those issues as well. Please contact me with any info you have at: [email protected]


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  • Lo
    Love My New Job Jun 22, 2012

    I too worked for Crossmark as a supervisor. The division of the company I was with originally was acquired by Crossmark through outsourcing. They told us all kinds of falsehoods to get us and our part-time associates on board. At the 90 day mark of our employment with this company, they released 7 - 10 supervisors in order to cut their expenses. By doing this within the 90 day period of acquisition, they avoided having to pay unemployment to these now former supervisors. Crossmark did not replace any of those supervisors. They just restructured the remaining markets, thereby increasing the headcount and territories for the remaining supervisors. Six months later, they released another 7-10 supervisors to further reduce their costs and once again restructured the remaining markets.

    Crossmark's policy regarding admin/prep time at that time was to allow no more than one hour per week (when you're working with antiquated equipment and an IT support system in another country that keeps you on the phone for hours on end while you're escalating the issue up the IT chain it becomes more than nerve wracking). Any PT associate that turned in more than one hour of prep time in any given week would have to itemize their prep time, thereby increasing their prep time even further, so the supervisor could forward it to the lady in accounting who approves/denies your hours. I went several rounds with this lady (and I use the term very loosely) on behalf of my PT associates. It took several weeks (each time) but my PT people were eventually paid. Unfortunately, some of them ended up being evicted, having their phone/electricity turned off in the meantime. I now hear from former employees of mine that they are still allowed a certain amount of time for prep/admin time. However, if that allotment is exceeded, their supervisors (and upwards) are instructing the part-time employees to enter this time under survey time, which means the clients who are paying Crossmark for the survey are now being billed for more than just survey time. According to the Fair Labor Standards Act (this is federal law), employees are required to be paid for all hours worked as long as they are paid at least the federal minimum wage of $7.25/hour. Go to the US Department of Labor website ( for more information on this issue. In most states, this issue is handled by your local Wage and Hour Division (

    As some supervisors got close to reaching the age where you start thinking about retirement, they would be badgered by the ROMs about when they would be retiring. The ROMs would knit pick at these supervisors who otherwise had spotless records before they reached that "age" & release them for lack of performance when in reality these supervisors were already at the "cap" & Crossmark didn't want to pay that much $$ when they could bring in someone else who didn't know any better at a much cheaper rate (that's the Crossmark way). Now, who do you know at 62 years old, is going to go on unemployment and look for a job when they can collect their retirement and Social Security? This is another clever way for Crossmark to get out of paying them unemployment! You just need to remember that most of the states are "employment at will" states, meaning an employer has the right to place demands and restrictions upon the employee and the employee or the employer can terminate the employment agreement at any time without notice or reason (in other words Crossmark doesn't have to write you up in order to terminate you). In the wonderful world that is Crossmark, if you are written up once, expect to be terminated soon. My ROM at that time told me that if Crossmark wants to get rid of someone, "write them up just once and they're on the way out". The employer also has the right to give or not give a job to whoever they choose. Crossmark is very fortunate to have "employment at will" on their side. Again, check this out on the US DOL website. This issue is also addressed by your State Department of Labor.

    At the time of my departure I was elated to be free of this horror show and immediately felt the weight of the world disappear from my shoulders. Just ask any former employee of this company & I bet they'll say the same thing. There is life after Crossmark & it is so much better! The rest of you will come to this realization when Crossmark let's you go unless you beat them to the punch. Be sure to get copies of everything in your personnel file as you are entitled to copies of those documents.

    I LOVE MY NEW JOB AND THE COMPANY I WORK FOR!!! I hope the rest of you will be able to say the same thing one day.

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  • Ke
    kendramiles Jun 01, 2012

    I work for crossmark, been there for 5 years, at first hired part time doing resets one store a day working 2 hours getting paid 8 I couldn't complain yes sometimes i did not get a lot of hours but you have to weigh it out if I only work 2 hours and get paid 8 and work only 3 days a week actually your breaking even. but anyhow i did that for 2 years then got hired full time and have been full time for the past 3 years and there are a lot of changes but you just have to keep a positive attitude and decide if this is the right career choice for you, working for a broker is tough sometimes your job security is compromised by expiring contracts or cut hours but it really does pay off in the end with your commitment and dependability, by calling people "###" shows what kind of employee you really are. I personally love crossmark and plan on being with them for the long term.

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  • Iw
    I want compensation Jan 25, 2012
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    Verified customer

    "whistle blower" retlation. When I was hired by Crossmark, my mother was also hired. The RES that hired us, is the same one who promoted me to a Lead position. My mother was still working with me. Nothing was said about direct relatives working together. This same RES was the one who pushed to get me her RES position. I was promoted and my mother was still working with me.
    I recived a call from my boss, about three weeks ago, saying it was brought to her attention that there was a violation of company policy to have my mother working in the same store. Her boss was "really bummed out and didn't want to lose me". I was told that I could resign - "but we don't want you to do that", I could go to the Bristol store - "you don't want to drive that far" so "you need to git rid of your mom". I was told to contact my old boss - who was still with Crossmark with the Walmart division, to have her transfered. I asked what kind of time line I had as my mother was 75 and finding a job wasn't easy. I was never given an answer.
    I contacted my old boss, she had no openings. Mom has been searching for another job. I had a conservation with my boss on 1/19/2012, she called me asking if I had this problem taken care of. I told her my mother was still working, there were no openings with Walmart. My mother was lokking for a job with no luck. I started to say "So, you want me to fire her with out another job to go to?' and the phone went dead. I tryed to discuss this with mt boss 4 times that day.
    Thats the last contact I had with my boss until I recived my termination call on 1/21/2012. On that call I was able to ask "So, does this mean my mother still has a job? " Answer "Oh absolutly!".
    Before my promotion to Lead, there was another lead whose mother was also working at the same store. When I was promoted to RES, that lead's mother was still working there. My old boss "created an opening" - she fired a Walmart rep. and moved this other lead's mother into this position. I have e-mails about this move.
    I think, could this be the real reason I was termed?

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  • En
    env Jan 30, 2011
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    Verified customer

    As of Nov. 2010 and ongoing: Recently, this company has been contracted to work in Sam's Club. The Crossmark company has not done their job well concerning hiring their Retail Supervisor of Events (RSE). They were not supervised well by upper management in Crossmark. The upper/senior management let the first RSE assigned to this Sam's Club conduct Vendor funded events with an employee working for Crossmark conduct an event for that Sam's Club at the same time. That means falsely reporting that the event was run as paid for to the Vendor when those funds were being used to run a Sam's Club "Road Show" event simultaneously. The RSE had done this repeatedly between February and October 2010. Crossmark did not oversee what was happening in the Club. There was much favoritism shown by this RSE for the benefit towards the past Sam's Club sampling employees (let go by Sam's Clubs Jan 2010) who were hired by Crossmark for positions within Sam's Club. These X-Sam's Club sampling persons do not follow the Crossmark rules and guidelines for food sanitation/safety set by the Health Dept. Why are they allowed to still be there in this company if they are not following the guidelines for food safety or what they are supposed to do while conducting an event? There are several reasons you do not want to work for this company. See the other complaints here for more information on this company prior to accepting a job with them.

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  • dawniette...your a ### unless you work for the damn company CrossMark you will not understand that an employer should at least treat their employees with respect so butt out!!! Signed a equally pissed off Crossmark associate

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